Exciting Medical Innovations Coming Soon

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The field of medical research is one area that has seen remarkable growth and innovation. We have made great leaps in learning about genetics, diseases, and other areas that have resulted in remarkable inventions to help treat and cure severe medical conditions. It is an area where the possibilities of what we can accomplish are endless.
Below are a few of the exciting medical innovations that are coming soon:
1. Medical Gas to Pharmaceutical Product: Gas Therapeutics is being tested for its quality, safety, and effectiveness in a therapeutic environment. Gas enabled medical developments will provide important gains in diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic procedures.
2. New Vaccines for Avian Flu: A modern vaccine that uses an imitation adaptation of the bird virus called a virus-like particle (VLP) is being developed and may provide an improved response in protecting people against avian virus infection. VLPs attach to cells thus prompting a natural immune response that is sufficient enough to protect one from exposure to the avian virus. This innovative technology could wipe out the H5N1 avian flu virus.
3. Combination Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Prototype Machine: MRI tests can establish the existence and structure of tumors. The PET scan shows what is taking place within the cancer and the blood vessels surrounding it. Doctors get better data from this imaging technology than from doing the two tests separately. It will give doctors real-time information about which cancer therapies a patient will respond to faster.
4. Circulating Tumor Cell Technology: A new technology will allow oncologists to measure circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in a blood sample. CTCs are cancer cells that have broken away from an existing tumor cell and are found in circulating blood. The detection of CTCs is an important discovery which may help forecast a patient's prognosis.
5. Warm Organ Perfusion Device: A better system for the transport of a variety of living organs is being developed. After harvesting an organ, donor blood is circulated through the heart-lung pump to the living organ. The donor blood is heated and oxygenated, and the organ is transplanted in a pre-oxygenated state. This warm organ perfusion device will significantly increase the transplant time period.
6. LaparoEndoscopic Single-site Surgery (LESS): This is laparoscopic surgery performed through a single incision in a patient's navel. LESS may reduce complications that may take place after open or laparoscopic abdominal surgery. The patient's pain levels are considerably diminished and the recovery period is reduced.
7. Diaphragm Pacing System: This system has the potential to help patients unable to maintain adequate ventilation due to a diaphragmatic malfunction. Diaphragmatic pacing is performed using a collection of electrodes connected to the phrenic nerves on the diaphragm. This innovative technology will drastically reduce the catastrophic effects of extended respiratory pump failure and mechanical ventilation.
8. Nanomedicine: This is the medical application of molecular nanotechnology. (MNT) Nanotechnology in medicine is when nanorobots are programmed for particular biological functions and injected into the blood to work at the cellular level. They will perform such tasks as cleaning arteries, repairing damaged tissue, and attacking cancer cells and viruses.
These are just a few of the amazing medical innovations that are coming soon. In the near future, we expect to see many more remarkable innovations in the medical field.

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All of these advancements have lead to significant growth in physician assistant jobs throughout the world. Also on the rise are occupational therapy jobs and other medical positions.

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