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The effects of excessive computer usage can lead to health-related issues. Short-term health problems, disorders and sleep deprivation are all attributed to excessive computer usage. These conditions, later on, interfere with work, driving, studies and social activities. As we spend more time surfing the net, we are spending less time interacting with friends and family, going out to movies, shopping or walking in the park. This leads to feeling of isolation and depression.Proper sleep is necessary for the rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. The most common sleep disorder includes insomnia. “Fatal Familial Insomnia” or FFI , is a genetic disease with no known treatment or cure which results in increasing insomnia until sleep is completely impossible and eventually results in death.

Excessive computer usage can take an emotional toll. Using a mouse and keyboard for many hours every day can lead to stress, drowsiness, difficulty in concentrating. Video-game usage for long hours can cause sleep deprivation for children which can harm their academic performance. Excessive television viewing and computer gaming have been associated with many psychiatric symptoms especially emotional and behavioral symptoms, attention problems, and family interaction problems. Overall, cyber games seem to have a positive effect on student learning as the games teach specific skills. However, cyber games sometimes have negative effect that can hamper the kid’s abilities to study. These problems emerge from excessive video game or computer usage. It snatches away the ability to think critically about ideas. Therefore, parents should stop their kids’ addiction to video-games. Addiction to online computer games seems to be a growing problem in Asian countries. China and South Korea have both had incidents in which someone died after playing game non-stop for exceedingly long period. These countries have now set up special counseling centers to deal with gaming addictions, and China has imposed strict laws limiting Internet Café access. Computer addiction can have a variety of negative impacts on its user. The most common negative effect is social impact. The user withdraws from friends and family as he spends more and more time on computer. Relationship fades as the person stops attending social gatherings, skips meeting with friends and avoids family members. He is away from human touch because he relies more on cyber world. He stops interacting personally as he lives in artificial world created by him through his laptop.

Moreover, back problems are common, among people who sit for long hours at computer desks. Late- night computer usage creates sleep deprivation, lack of concentration and depression of the immune system. Nevertheless, the person doesn’t get any meaningful exercise which leads to obesity due to lack of proper physical exercise. It creates chronic long-term sleep disorders. At least, 41 million Americans each year suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders and 22 million people experience occasional sleeping problems. Its late night use also affects job performance. Therefore, we should spend time, money and energy wisely and utilize the computer technology productively.

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