Exactly why is My Computer So Slow - Today?

By: Beverly Chung

If your computer is running slow there are always a large amount of possible factors. Here is a set of possible causes for a slow computer:

Spyware - Spyware is a type pc software that is mounted your computer and collects details about you as you make use of the computer. Spyware isn't an easy task to detect and many consumers aren't even aware they have a lot of spyware on their computer. It's usually installed without your knowledge through the utilization of yet another pc software product or by visiting certain web sites. Sometimes businesses or on a network other agencies that work many computers can install spyware to monitor users exercise. There are many good spyware diagnosis applications available. As it is free, good and fast I like Spybot Search & Destroy. There are many other good products, but beware there are also many rouge spyware products too.

Computer Virus - A computer virus is just a software package that will spread in one computer to some other and inhibits the procedure. A computer virus would use your email or instant messaging programs to spread itself around. You could unintentionally be attacked with a virus from a download from the Net. It will erase data or eliminate your complete hard drive or cause your computer to run defectively once a computer virus gets on to your computer.

Fragmented Disk - A disk becomes fragmented when all of the information of a file are not stored together in one single continuous block on the disk but rather puts elements of the file in various areas in the midst of other files that are also broken up. The computer needs to go seeking in a lot of different locations to find every one of the information in a file when a drive is fragmented. It would end up like trying to bake a cake but all of the materials all all within the house. You've to operate there and here to obtain what you need. It's no effective solution to make a cake or run a computer. The effect is to slow performance based on fragmented the computer is.

Short-term Files - start an internet site, or do something on-line data is about this action is located on your own computer, When you use your browser to test your e-mail. Information like your browsing history, data in the shape of cookies and other temporary files are located. Before long if you don't remove these temporary files they can take up plenty of space and bring about slow performance.

Registry Errors - The registry is really a huge database that keeps several types of information regarding your computer. Every configuration setting is included in the registry. Information is kept by it on each individual person and each bit of hardware attached to the computer along with setting for computer software. The registry is active in as you employ your computer that can it be constantly changing. After a while report in the registry become corrupted and bring about compromised function of one's computer. Registry problems may result in small problems and major hair pulling computer accidents like crashes and the blue screen of death.

You computer's slow performance is almost certainly the effect of a combination of many if not all of the above factors.

First thing you ought to do is figure out what the issue is. Try this by systematically attacking the issue by diagnosing and fixing the possible culprits.

- Run a Virus Scan
- Run a Spyware check
- Delete Temporary Files
- Defragment the Hard Disk
- Run a Registry Scan

After you run the maintenance and get your computer running like new again you should begin a regular computer maintenance schedule. Start with defragmenting your drive. Then run the disk tidy up utility in Windows. Remove any network drive that you will be no longer applying and uninstall any unused or unnecessary programs. Install and run a spyware finding program. I love Spybot. It is good and it is free. Install and run a virus program. Should you many of these methods and your computer remains running slowly there are usually registry conditions that have to be set.

Unfortuitously, after continued use, all PC's experience the results of a corrupt and ineffective Windows Registry, causing error messages to look, slow loading, and system failures.

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