Evidence and Detectives

By: Mercury Williams

The degree of proof and the extent of burden differ in both civil and criminal cases. While the criminal side is more strict in the sense that it does not accept a mere allegation and suspicion and proving the guilt of accused beyond the shadows of reasonable doubt is necessary, on the other hand, in civil matters, the need of proving the fact beyond reasonable doubt is dispensed with. Conflicts are inevitable part of a society and every society provides a legal system to bring the wrong doers to justice. The courts work on a fair basis and do not act on a suspicion, as the liberty of a human being, which is recognized as a fundamental right world over cannot be taken away on a mere guess and allegation. Hence the need of proving the charge comes into question.

The problem arises when evidence is demanded by the court for a criminal offence. The offenders seldom leave a trace of the crime or act and it is very difficult to track down the offenders. Sometimes, the offender is present and even then the Court cannot 探偵 東京 浮気 punish him for the lack of evidence. That much importance is given to evidence as the saying goes that it is better to let 100 guilty men go free than hanging one innocent person.

The problem is much more worsening in case of infidelity in a marriage or otherwise in a relation. It is quite obvious that a person who is having an affair outside the wedlock or a relationship does it secretly and seldom leaves an open end to track and expose the affair. Every move is planned and thought over and it is often very difficult for the other spouse or partner to collect evidence of the affair.

Here detective agencies play a great role in unearthing the affair. The agencies are famous for their secretive work. They work from the shadows and collect evidence which helps in prosecution of the target. The job is done so neatly and discreetly that even the most cautious of a person is caught red handed.

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