Everything You Need To Know About Novelty Contact Lenses

By: Emanuele Allenti

Although the main application of contact lenses is obviously to improve the eyesight with the minimum of inconvenience, there is a lot more that you can do with them in these days of high technology. The standard colored lenses have been around for a while now and are great fun if you would like to try a new look or just want to add a bit of spice when going out to parties. It can certainly give you a boost to have a bright new eye color of your choice. They are all the rage at many at the moment with many different and fashionable, and bizarre, colors to be seen.

One of the main markets for these new novelty contact lenses is Halloween. The lenses can add a final finishing touch to a great costume and this is when the optometrists are likely to be most busy with these types of designs. So it may pay to get to your novelty contact lenses practitioner early or you may find the shelves empty and a long wit till the new supplies arrive.

A more unusual alternative to colored contact lenses is novelty contact lenses. These are sold in a wide variety of style and designs from the subtle altering of the eye to look more attractive to the wild as in hypnotic spiral designs and cats eyes. These are still contact lenses however and even if they are not for sight and are just plain lenses you will still need a prescription for them, as they are treated the same as if they were “normal” contact lenses.

There is a very good reason for this. Even if the contact lenses do not have any function other than to be worn as a novelty, if they are badly fitted or of poor quality manufacture they could still damage your eyes. If you are going to buy novelty contact lenses you should always have them prescribed and fitted by a qualified optometrist. If you are tempted to buy your own from a novelty or costume shop you should think of the damage that the novelty contact lenses could do to your eyes and instead go to your local eye care practitioner.

There are a growing number of manufacturers who are expanding into this area but the main two at the moment are: Wild eyes from Cibavison who make such designs as alien, cat eye, wild fire, hypnotica and zoomin, and Coopervision who make black spiral, fire eye and wolf. These are only a small selection of what these companies make and a wider selection of novelty contact lenses should be available from your local optometrist.

There are so many designs to choose from that a design should be found to suit everyone. For the sporting enthusiast “crazy lenses” even have novelty contact lenses in NFL team football colors and what is more they can supply these for all 32 top flight teams!

Novelty contact lenses whether to aid vision or not are a great fun way to brighten up any social event, but be sure and get them fitted by a qualified optometrist so that your eyes get all the attention that they deserve.

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