Everything You Need To Know About Abnormal Bleeding After An Abortion

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Abnormal bleeding can easily occur after a manual, medication or suction abortion procedure. All the women are advised to be on the sentinel for post-abortion bleeding. This can easily signify infection like hemorrhaging which can prove to be quite damaging for you. Even though vaginal bleeding is quite rare about 1 percent of women undergoing the abortion procedure have experienced it. This is a complication which should be addressed right away and if the pain persists you must talk to your doctor right away.
Time Frame
According to experts, it is quite normal to experience some kind of vaginal bleeding for about 2 weeks after the procedure. However, if you experience heavy cramping along with bleeding you must report it to your physician right away. This kind of bleeding might be the result of the blood vessels not constricting and the uterine muscles not contracting. Several blood clots also might be developed inside the uterus wall just after the abortion is carried out.
Blood Clots
It is quite normal to pass blood clots because it is the part of the healing procedure. The apt size of the blood clots can usually range from the size of a small pebble to a large egg. Passing golf ball-sized blood clots is not normal and you must talk to your doctor about the same. If the cervical opening gets blocked then you might face a lot of troubles here.
Heavy Vaginal Bleeding
Heavy vaginal bleeding is a symptom that something might be wrong with your health. According to doctors, heavy bleeding is sometimes normal however if it persists then you will have to talk to the physician about the same. This is something that can really bother you in the long run and so you need to address it right away.
The post-abortion bleeding is quite prevalent in medical abortion procedures involving misoprostol and mifepristone. You must control bleeding by taking proper medications that are recommended by your doctor.
Solution and Prevention
Even though there’s hardly anything that could prevent vaginal bleeding after the abortion procedure is carried out, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions for healing your body in the right manner. Avoid using tampons for about a week after the procedure.
These are the crucial things that you must know about the abnormal bleeding that occurs after the surgical abortion. You must ensure that you stay under the guidance of your doctor all the time!

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