Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mexican food

By: KC Kudra

Mexican food is well loved all over the globe. There is plenty of variety when it comes to Mexican food and you can find combinations you have never tried before. A lot of people delight in the smell, taste of authentic Mexican recipes, and admire the great Mexican minds responsible for these tantalizing combinations.

A lot of the Mexican food available to day is based on traditional Mexican recipes, which the Aztecs and Mayas invented. There are also some exotic recipes featuring iguana, rattlesnake, and spider monkeys, which are not unheard of ingredients but are seldom used in modern Mexican cuisine. We have plenty more ingredients from all over the world to use in our recipes these days and Mexican food has evolved as a result of that.

Mexican food developed further, when the Spanish colonists arrived in the country, bringing with them different cooking methods, and ingredients formerly unknown in the area. One ingredient, which has always been popular in Mexican food, is chili pepper. Some Mexican recipes have a Caribbean influence and this is especially true in the Mexican states of the Yucatan and Vera Cruz. Other Mexican dishes contain a French influence. Bolillo, which is a popular type of bread in Mexico, has a French influence.

Many Mexican foods are nutritionally well balanced. They contain plenty of vitamins and minerals and most dishes are low in calories and fat. Taco Bell does not use authentic Mexican recipes. America has added fats to traditional Mexican recipes, making them less healthy than they would be in Mexico if they were prepared in the authentic way. There are a lot of fresh vegetables used in Mexican food, such as peppers, beans, tomatoes, garlic, and onions.

Foods differ in the different regions of Mexico. It depends on the climate and geography of the area along with ethnic differences. Northern Mexico is known for its dishes that contain meat, while in Southern Mexico, dishes popular include vegetable and chicken. Seafood is commonly served in the Mexican state of Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz is a Mexican state that is very long and tropical with lowlands that runs up and down the Gulf of Mexico. It is easy to get fish such as red snapper, snook, grouper, and mojarra. Mojarra is a prized fish in the area. Crab, lobsters, and oysters are abundant.

Besides the ocean, the state has more than 40 rivers that run through it. It has an endless supply of freshwater fish and shellfish. The food is prepared in a way that reflects unique dishes of the state. Seafood is very healthy for your body and can add a different taste to regular classic Mexican food dishes.

It is possible to learn plenty of history about Mexican food by the different regions of the country and it is always exciting to try traditional Mexican recipes from various Mexican regions. The history of Mexican food is rich and interesting and when you know where the dishes originated and how they developed, this will add to your overall cooking and eating experience!

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