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By: Nathan Knightley

Many times, bowlers have been compared (unfairly, in my opinion) to golfers because of their lack of style sense. While I can understand how a few persons might not be fond of polyester bowling shirts, I do not feel they're quite as bad as some of the outrageous clothes I've watched on the golf course. At least bowlers don't go around wearing plaid pants that look like they were picked out by a color-blind grandmother!

Well, because I'm a bowler myself, I can say that I am a bit biased here - especially because I've been in charge of buying my team's bowling shirts for the past five years. I always try to buy something different each year, and I ensure that I purchase classic designs that will look nice both on and off the lanes. Plus, I've been trying to purchase my bowling shirts from various online merchants so I could get a better idea of which websites offer the best quality products at the best costs.

I've actually found some great apparel websites in the past few years, and have ordered some really outstanding merchandise as a result. In reviewing my acquisition history, I noticed that these websites have several common denominators.

To start with, they offer an extensive choice of bowling shirts in many different colors and styles, including the retro designs that are so popular right now. Second, the websites present a wide variety of personal options for names and logos. A bowling shirt just wouldn't be the same if it didn't have my name embroidered across the chest and a cool team logo on the back! And finally, all of the websites that I order from give competitive pricing on their merchandises and unfailing shipping.

In addition, because wearing a bowling shirt to school or casual events has become popular in the past years, manufacturers are going out of their way to create nice new designs. This is good news for bowlers, as it signifies that even more places will start stocking these items -- and in larger quantities, too. That makes it easier for me to find the cool styles that people want, and also contributes to keep prices low.

I know that the kind of bowling shirt I wear has absolutely zero impact on my performance, but that doesn't mean I'll wear any old shirt I can find at the thrift store. As silly as it sounds, I have learned that a great bowling shirt truly enhances team camaraderie, and that actually does affect our performance!

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