Everyone can be Expert Chefs with the Slow Cooker

By: mandeep.dec2008

Slow cookers are a super machine to own in the kitchen. Not only does it save time, it also produces super, well-cooked, great flavored meals. Not everyone has operated a slow cooker however, and for those people who have not, read up on this general information.

Many will actually doubt the slow cooker’s safety, as it must be left on for quite a significant amount of time. So, if your question was about safety, the answer is no worries, the machine is not dangerous. The slow cooker cooks at a low temperature, usually around 76 to 138 degrees Celsius. Also, the power consumed from a slow cooker is much less than if you used your conventional over.

Another great thing about cooking food at this kind of temperature is that when cooking non-prime meat cuts they will be just as tender as cooking the highly expensive prime cuts the conventional method. For help visit www.july4-recipes.com. Additionally in terms of safety when it comes to the meals, the direct heat, the time it takes to prepare the food and the steam that is locked inside the tight-lidded pot kills the harmful bacteria in the food.

Now, on to the cooking procedures. As is normal when handling all kinds of food, you should begin with a clean work space and clean tool. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching any food and leave your meats in the fridge right until time that it needs to be added. Bacteria produces at a quick pace in room temperature so make sure that the slow cooker is preheated a bit before combining the meat to your meal from the fridge. You may out the veggies ahead of the meat as they mostly cook not as fast as as meats. It is paramount to note though that meats must be thawed out prior to being placed inside a slow cooker for best results.

Ideally meals that should be prepared in a slow roaster are those that are moist such as soups, stews or pot roasts so they would not dry out. Also remember that a big slow roaster should not be used to produce single servings of food or they will be in danger of being overcooked. You can check it out from www.apples-recipes.com. A cooker ideally should be filled no less than half of the container capacity, but no more than two thirds. While running avoid opening the lid as much as possible, just doing so to check if it’s done, or to mix the dish. Opening the lid brings down the temperature quickly and more than likely affects the doneness of the food.

When unsure on the cooking setting to choose on your slow cooker, one has to take into consideration the amount of time that you’re going to be cooking it. For hard meat cuts, a greater longer preparation time using a low setting is desirable. However some advice is to put the setting on high for the first hour then set it to low for the succeeding time. If for some reason the power shuts off midway through cooking the dish, immediately finish cooking it on your stove. If it has been at room temperature for a bit of time half-done, the food might be safer to just throw this batch away and begin again.

After you have finished a successful meal, transfer the food right away. Remove the basin, clean thoroughly, and make sure that the basin is dry before storing.

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