Everyday Muscle Toning

By: Sarah Carlye

Throughout the day, there are many activities that contribute to muscle tone. Making small changes throughout the day can contribute to muscle tone and can increase the number of calories burned for the day.

Walking is an obvious one. The stride, the pace, and the amount of walking all contribute to toning the body. When wearing a fitness walking shoe, the muscles can become toned faster. You can increase muscle tone faster by doing things like taking the long way, parking farther, walking around the mall before shopping, etc. The following can be affected while walking:

• Thigh muscle tone
• Buttocks muscle tone
• Calf muscle tone
• Abdominal muscle tone

Taking in groceries can be added to a fitness routine. When bringing in the groceries, carry more than you normally do and then when you get inside, use the bags of groceries to tone arm muscles. Take bags of similar weight in each hand or a gallon of milk in one hand and a gallon of juice in the other and start lifting. Raise the arms from the sides as far up as you can. Repeat several times. This exercise can affect the following:

• Abdominal muscle tone
• Upper arm muscle tone
• Chest muscle tone

Even houses with no carpet often use a vacuum type floor cleaner. When vacuuming, turn each push of the vacuum into a lunge. Switch hands and legs. Vacuuming may take a little longer but you will start seeing the difference in leg muscle tone and lower back strength.

When using a step stool to reach something high in a cabinet, go up and down on the steps a few extra times to tone thigh, buttocks, and calf muscles. Need to tone the muscles and do some extra cleaning? Pull out the step stool and clean those neglected areas that are up high.

As you go about your daily business, look around to see ways to turn everyday activities into muscle toning activities. To find out more about how fitness toning shoes will tone muscles faster, go to StepGym.com.

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