Every Contact Is An Email Marketing Possibility


Most business owners begin their email marketing customer database with the people that they see all of the time. These customer contacts might come from people that the business owner knows through church ties, or those that they have met when they joined the parents and teachers groups at several of the schools that their children are currently enrolled in.

Every contact that the business owner makes is an email marketing possibility. The record keeping of the information derived from each potential customer is meticulously recorded and updated regularly. The business owner will advertise the new business at every opportunity and he might send out an email marketing ad to direct people to the new business with a convenient link that is placed inside the content on the ad used in the email marketing campaign.

Business owners take the names and addresses of friends and family and make sure that they have the correct email addresses listed for all of them. The new business owner might ask them what type of things that they would be interested in buying. The customers know full well what type of business the person operates on the internet but are not sure what the website looks like because they have never had the opportunity to visit.

These personal contacts are excellent opportunities for new business owners to get people to visit their retail stores. They might even come sometime that day to the website on their own accord because their curiosity got the best of them. After these contacts see the quality of the items that are being sold, and the great prices that are attached to them, they are sure to spread the word to their own friends.

The business owner does not care what brings new people to their new business website. They are happy that they are there, and will probably place a small survey in the website scripts to ask them how they enjoyed their shopping experience. Then they will go back to meeting other people in their daily lives and gathering the email addresses from those contacts.

The small business owner might use these address in email marketing campaigns that are generated from the computer that is at their home. They might have a day job that gives them free reign to meet large numbers of people in one day and their email marketing list seems to be getting bigger everyday from the ever growing number of people that this small business owner comes in contact with. There are no boundaries in getting new customers if people are not shy.

New business owners can not afford to be shy because their livelihood depends on them being able to talk to people. Strangers can become friends in a matter of minutes once they understand what a new business is all about and they get that information from the very first contact that the new business owner makes with them. If the products will add new meaning to an area of the home, or if they can benefit the lives of the homeowner in some small way, then people are most likely to shop there a lot and share their shopping experiences with other people too.

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