Ever wonder how....

By: lop14

Ever wonder how....

Ever wonder where and how the Nike Company Name and Logo came from???

First,-- the name "Nike", known as " Nike of Samothrace", ( in Greek;- " Niki tis Samothrakis") was taken from the statue (pictured above) and used for the Company name. The Logo, known as the "Nike Flash", came from the bow of the Nike wing.
This is how the "Nike" company got their very famous and identifiable name and logo. How Clever!!!
This Statue is world renound and also referred to as "The Winged Victory"!
This world famous statue stands in the Louvre Museum,in Paris, France since 1884!
The artist is unknown. The Niki is sculpted of Parian marble, dated somewhere between 288 BC and 190 BC, according to different sources.

While I was visiting friends and family in Berlin Germany, several years ago.
(Most Europeans are history buffs,as also are my family friends.)
They shared this wonderful bit of Trivia with me.

When I had the opportunity to visit Paris, with my nephew,(who incidentally took this photo above), I had to see at least 2 things at the Louvre. One being the "Mona Lisa painting". and the second, of course "The Nike". I was in total Awe of both creations and the whole Louvre Museum is unbelievable and fantastic experience!
The beauty and artistry delights one's senses,beyond comprehension, as did the city of Paris.
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Paris, in my opinion,is absolutely above believe! No movie, no pictures or videos can ever compare to all culture and Art that you are surrounded by, in every direction you look,--in each and every step you take when you are in Paris. I was truly overwhelmed!!!
If you ever have the opportunity to visit Paris,...don't hesitate! JUST do it!!
You will not be disappointed! And visiting the Louvre to see the "Nike" is a must!
Of course, if you plan to visit the Louvre and the magnificent Art collections make sure you have at least a week set aside just for the Louvre!
Yes!!! it is that vast in abundence of treasures, historical culture and beauty for your eyes to behold.
And I haven't even mentioned the marvelous cuisine!
That's another story!

Let me know what you think!
Share your adventures and knowledge you have gathered visiting different countries and cultures in our big beautiful world!

Till next time,


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