Even fitness enthusiasts need health insurance!

By: Pranav V Sharma

Different people have different lifestyles. Some live a healthy lifestyle and some don’t. However everyone in general have a huge misconception that health problems like cardiac arrests, diabetes, heart conditions etc. only happen to occur in those who live an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, in those who smoke, have high cholesterol, wrong eating habits, no exercise etc. Does this mean that people with good lifestyle (those who exercise daily, eat right, don’t smoke etc) are free from all the health problems? Well sad, but the fact is that No, the fitness fanatics too are not free from health problems.

Our body is like a machine which however carefully maintained and taken care of is susceptible to problems and disorders. Many a times it is noticed that even the healthiest people suffer from cardiac arrest or diabetes. Well this is just an example; the point is that anyone (healthy or unhealthy) can be a victim of health problems. The results being that all do need health care at some point or the other in their lifetime.

So if you are thinking that “I am healthy and living a healthy life style and will not have health problem and therefore do not need a health insurance policy”, then reconsider your thoughts. It is good to live a healthy life as it reduces your health risks but does not eliminate it completely. Though it may sound harsh but the fact is that even the healthiest person can be victim of minor or major health disorders which can cause you to shell out a fortune for treatment and medical care. At such times if you are an owner of health insurance policy then it is atleast beneficial to your pockets. Even if being a health insurance policy holder doesn’t make a difference to the chances of one being a victim of health problems, it atleast reduces the expenses incurred by the patient due to health problems or may be the insured would not have to pay even a single penny out of his / her pocket.

All or most of the expenses would be paid by the health insurance company. Different health insurance policies are provided by the insurance companies. One can compare the available policies and choose the one that suits and satisfies the needs and requirements of the individual. Paying few on a time to time basis is better then paying a fortune at a time. This is because you can squeeze in the expense few thousands every month than pay lakhs once. Afterall the amount you pay in installments will come to your rescue when the need arises. Infact may be you get more than what you have paid when need arises. These installments are known as premiums.

Under some health insurance policies one also gets the privilege of getting free regular health check-ups done. This ensures that your are healthy or if you are suffering from any health disorder then it will get detected early and thus the treatment cant be started at the right time or early stage of the disorder.

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Pranav Sharma is an insurance agent based in Mumbai; Pranav assists individuals and corporates in purchasing the right medical insurance plans & often shares his insights about Mediclaim industry on internet.

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