Evaluating Your Businesses Phone System Needs

By: Trent S Berger

Installing a phone in your home is easily done and this leads people to believe that installing an office phone system is just as simple they are sorely mistaken. Phone systems designed for business are much more complex than domestic phone solutions - a lot of thought must be put into the design and implementation of the system. The first step of this process is a self-evaluation of the needs of your business.

Below is a brief guide, which is designed to help you decide on the best phone system for your business.

Calculating The Number Of Lines

The very first step you will need to take to evaluate your phone system needs, is to calculate the number of individual phone lines required. Each phone, internet connection and fax machine will need a line of its own. If your premises is not designed for the amount of phone lines you require, this may mean you need to have some more installed before going ahead with installing your chosen phone system.

When calculating the number of lines required, it pays to account for possible future growth in the business. It is much easier to install all new phone lines at once, rather than adding them on later in a piecemeal fashion.

Choosing A Phone System

The next step in the process, is deciding on which phone system will best suit your businesses needs now and into the future. There are three main systems commonly installed and deciding which one requires an examination of the number of lines and features that you will need.

The first of the phone systems to consider is a 'Key System'. These setups are used for small businesses, which have fewer than 25 employees. These systems don't offer the full range of customisation, however they are generally more than enough for small business.

The second system, which is by far the most popular, is the 'PBX Phone System'. These systems are designed for organisations with more than 25 employees. They are much more customisable than other business phones systems and more lines can be added much more easily.

The last option for business phone systems is 'Voice Over Internet Protocol', widely known as VOIP. This is becoming a popular solution for both home and business. Instead of separate lines, VOIP allows multiple voice calls to be sent over a single internet connection. VOIP systems can be easily set up and moved, but can suffer from quality issues at times, as they are dependent on a quality internet connection.

Installation And Support

Installation and support is the primary concern once you have chosen the right system for your business. It is very difficult for someone who is unqualified to install and maintain a complex business phone system. You should always engage qualified contractors to install your phone system and arrange a service and support contract with qualified technicians. Without the right installation and support, even the most high tech phone system can be rendered useless, which is very bad for business!

For more information, or a quote based on your specific situation, contact your local business phone system vendor.

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