European Banking Industry: How Different Are European Banks From U.S. Banks?

By: Serdar Pala

In recent years, it seems as though the European banking industry has gone through a collective boom. However, it is still unclear as to whether or not this boom will have positive or negative affects on the actual people of Europe and their banking.

As the European banking industry expands in power and as commercial banks continue to merge together, the more havoc this will reek on the attempts of small businesses seeking loans and funding for their endeavors.

In the U.S, specialized banking institutions often meet the individual needs of their clients in a much more personal way. While there are many “universal” banks in the U.S., there will be even more in Europe, causing a disconnect between the average person and the corporate banking world.

The European banking industry may be on an upswing, but it is still uncertain just how this will affect the average person. One thing can be said for sure, though. With an increased focus on the services provided by individual banks, and the conglomeration of several commercial banks into one, European banking is definitely changing.

On the whole, European banks and U.S. banks are not really all that different. They differ more in tactical approach than in actual product. However, it is currently thought that the European banking industry would benefit from modeling itself more generally after the U.S. banking industry. By doing so, the UK banks will be better equipped to handle customers worldwide and will be better prepared to cope with the burgeoning global economy.

The European banking industry has come a long way in recent years, however, many people are concerned that it will leave the little guy behind as it furthers its expansion. With the creation of universal banks that take care of all banking services for all people, European banks may be leaving out small business owners and their unique needs. Focusing on the big picture sometimes leaves out the very valuable, smaller pieces of the puzzle.

With an eye on the future, there is hope yet for the European banking industry. Even though it differs greatly from the U.S. banking systems, Europe holds its own on the global scale and is certainly a force to be reckoned with in terms of worldwide development. It is with great hope that the European banking industry will take hold of the reins and strive to meet the needs of all people, not just the big guys.

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