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Whenever you are interested in getting a tattoo it is really important to consider various factors that can affect your choice tattoo design choice. Expense is going to play a major role in your design selection especially a custom tattoo design. The custom tattoo designs as the name indicates are customized as per the needs of the customer. These designs are made by professional tattoo artists and are more expensive than the free normal designs available online. Due to the customized nature of these tattoos, these are much improved in looks and more attractive than the ready to wear tattoos.
Thus if you are eyeing on getting a custom tattoo, you must ensure that these tattoo designs may cost you much more than a simple tattoo. The extra cost is the payment for the skill and extra hard work involved in making a custom tattoo design. The tattoo artists design these with utmost care so that these designs come up to the expectations of the customer. Therefore, it is quite valid to charge a handsome cost for a premium tattoo service.
The cost of customized tattoo also depends on the following factors:
Fees charged per hour basis:
The expert tattoo artists are adroit at making great tattoo designs. The fees of the professional artists vary depending on the number of hours worked on designing. Usually the professionals charge prices ranging from $ 120 to $ 220 on per hour basis. So if you are getting a custom tattoo then the tattoo artist may work for more hours on designing a different tattoo with custom requirements. You must be ready to spend a handsome amount of money if you want to get a custom tattoo.
Size of Tattoo:
The price of a tattoo also depends upon the size of the tattoo. The designers charges on the basis of the area and this ultimately leads to more time in designing. So you can expect a double price if you have selected a large tattoo design.
Tattoo location:
The location of a tattoo also has a great impact on the overall charges. If you are getting a tattoo on a sensitive area such as neck, underarm, ankle, head and back then the higher prices will be charged. As inking a sensitive area is a difficult process demanding more time and care, therefore, more prices are charged. If you have selected an exposed are like upper arms, thighs for inking, then lower prices are charged.
Tattoo design:
With simple designs you can expect to have considerably lower cost. The reason behind is that simple designs require less effort and small time. The simple designs may take an hour or so and you donít have to bear more pain.
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