Essential Energy Saving Tips on Air Conditioning in Panorama City

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AC units are created to comfort us everyday especially during summer. It may be a bit pricey most of the time but you can use energy saving tips to reduce your cost of electrical bill. Read below:

The Size

When you decided to buy an air conditioner unit, consider the size. A huge unit does not mean better performance. A huge unit will not cool the place uniformly while the small unit would not cool the place at all. It will be a waste on terms of energy consumption.

In determining the size of your room or the place you want to put the AC unit, get the dimensions of the area that need to be cooled. You can hire experts that offer air conditioning repair in Winnetka to help you in getting the right size of the room.

The efficiency

Aside from the similar prices, capacities and features, the number one thing you should go for is the energy-efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Yes, it may be a bit pricey but it is the best unit you can have. The higher efficiency of appliances, the less cost of electrical bill you need to pay.

The licensed technicians the offer air conditioning repair in Agoura will advise you to purchase unit that bear bright yellow EnergyGuide labels. It provides you enough information about energy efficiency. This EnergyGuide labels are mandated by the government. The higher the rating of the home appliances, the more efficient it is.

Compare the efficiency of your chosen AC unit to other units as well.

Do the comparison of warranties and maintenance agreements when you buy the AC unit.

The installation

When your air conditioning unit is improperly installed, it will just waste energy. You should hire a professional who offers air conditioning repair in Studio City that will help you with installing your AC unit. Keep in mind that each unit has its own installation requirements. You must follow the manufacturer's instructions with extra care. Always install the unit in a shaded spot inside the house.

Make sure that the AC unit's front and rear filter plates and others are waterproofed. Provide effective storm water drainage for your unit.

You must also verify the home's electrical system so that it will meet the air conditioner unit's power requirements. According to licensed contractors offering air conditioning repair in Panorama City, room units are operating under 115-volt or 230-volt circuits and you can consult them about this electrical voltage and wiring.

The maintenance and operation

Filters should be changed once in a month. A dusty AC filter will cause improper air flow. You may clean or replace the filter and it will cut your energy consumption by 5 to 10 percent.

There should be a cover for your unit during winter.

Drain channels should be clogged to reduce humidity.

You must also clean and clear the air conditioner coils by unplugging the unit first.

The air conditioner unit's ducts should be properly insulated.

Now, you're ready to have an energy-efficient AC unit!

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