Espresso Lavazza Coffee Makers

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Features of the Espresso Lavazza Machines

When it comes to take rich and aromatic coffee thus first name that comes to the minds is the Espresso lavazza no doubt. Coffee lovers can get these coffee makers for use at homes as well as offices to enjoy the great taste of coffee in every sense and manner. These are the coffee makers that entertain and amuse the coffee lovers for several years at an affordable cost.No doubt they give you a good value for money. One of the best features of these machines is their cartridge. One can come across a wide range of these cartridges for a number of coffee blends. Each cartridge constitutes the premeasured volume of the best ground espresso beans that leads to least or almost no wastage and mess. Some of the different cartridges are as follows: when we talk about 100% Arabica then it is for the coffee lovers who take coffee without sugar; aroma point blue offers American taste with longer brewing duration and tierra cartridges offering great taste and quality.

Types of Espresso Coffee Machines

Lavazza is an Italian company that is known for making great coffee. It is also manufacturing espresso machines. Most of the people do not know that Lavazza also produces coffee machines. When one needs to make a single cup of coffee one uses coffee pods. These coffee pods resemble tea bags. You just need to fill the espresso machine with water, put a coffee pod in the holder, press the button and in twenty seconds, you get your freshly brewed coffee. The coffee pods have different brew levels such as dark roast, medium roast, and mild roast. Two types of coffee machines manufactured by Lavazza include Lavazza Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue. The espresso machines can be easily maintained as well as cleaned also. The lavazza espresso machine is very impressive and stylish in design as well.

Different types of Coffee Blends

One can easily purchase these espresso machines online. As we are living in technological world where people like to make use of technological gadgets thus these espresso machines can be used in any way. Lavazza is one of the companies that is offering solution to people to buy these machines online. The lavazza coffee machines prepare the best ground coffee, espresso coffee as well as cappuccino also. In short and in other words it will not be wrong to say that these coffee machines allow one to have coffee in shortest time span possible. The founder of the lavazza company is Luigi Lavazza who established it in 1895. The coffee blends that he created were with Robusta and Arabica coffee. Some coffee blends featured 100% Arabica and others with a mix of Robusta and Arabica. The Arabica can be found worldwide while the Robusta can be found in the Eastern Hemisphere. Lavazza offers you 12 different blends in two roast levels. Each has an organoleptic profile. The organoleptic profile includes different sensory properties of aroma and body, sweetness, intensity of taste, color, smell, etc.

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