Erectile function and you

By: David James.

Many men suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction or impotency. It is a well known medical fact that up to 40% of men in their 40s suffer from problems with their erections, and this can even effect younger men. Although it is joked about, many men who are young and in their twenties and thirties suffer from poor erections. This can vary from being unable to get an erection, to not being able to sustain an erection. You do not have to be completely impotent to suffer - some people may suffer from poor quality erections, or just not be able to get them when they want to have sex.

Many erection problems are psychological, with fear, nervousness, all being thought to be to blame. Depression and stress which are all too common in todays society all play a role. All these mental factors can cause a significant amount of performance anxiety. Worries about sexual health and performance can also result in further problems.

A few problems can also be caused by the use of alcohol or other drugs. Drinking alcohol can be a potent aphrodisiac, but in greater quantities alcohol can in fact reduce sensitivity and prevent or soften erections.
A persons health can have a lot of influence on their sexual performance. Anyone who has diabetes or has bad circulation will have worse blood flow to their penis and have poor erections as a result. Conversely, someone who manages to exercise and keep themselves in good shape will be able to get better erections.

A persons age also effects whether someone has erectile dysfunction or not. Older people do have worse erections because the sex hormones reduce as one gets older, and the circulation can also suffer. There is very little that can be done to reverse the ageing process, but by keeping fit and healthy, an older person can still maintain a good sex life naturally.

There are lots of more proactive methods to overcome erectile dysfunction including Viagra, penis pumps, psychological therapy or just persistence. One of the most popular drugs recently has been Viagra. This drug has been noted as miracle cure for impotence, and there have been many beneficiaries of cheap Viagra. From young people, to older men, Viagra has been shown to be safe and very effective in helping peoples sex lives.

For those who do not want to turn to taking a tablet there are other options. More natural methods such as taking exercise, stopping smoking, and relaxing from daily stress have proven very effective for many people. Younger men especially can improve their sex lives by cutting down on alcohol and reducing pornography use which can desensitise people.

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