Equipment Needed For Weightlifting

By: Tom Dahne

Weight training has always been a popular form of exercise but recent years have seen a definite surge in the popularity of weightlifting. Weightlifting is a form of weight training that falls into the category of strengthening exercises. Weightlifting helps to strengthen various muscle groups in the body by focusing and targeting them and then building them up both in size and strength. Weightlifting is touted to be one of the most effective means of exercise for those looking to build an impressive physique. Preparations for weightlifting involve two major steps- 1) Being physically strong and able enough to undertake the grueling exercise programs and 2) Investing in all the necessary equipment that is needed for weightlifting. Weight training helps to build the bone density and also helps to fortify the muscles.

The equipment needed for strength training that is weightlifting is very different from the machines used for cardio exercises and general workouts. Dumbbells, barbells and weight benches are the primary equipment needed to be able to undertake weight training. Here are some tips you can use, when you decide to purchase your own weightlifting equipment.

Squat racks form an indispensable part of weightlifting. When you check out the numerous styles and models available, be sure to look for pieces that come with an adjustable fall bar. The adjustable fall bar determines the height to which the weights will automatically fall to if you are unable to push them up as planned. If you squat on the ground the fall bar should lie at a vertical angle to plane in which you lift the weights up.

When checking out different equipment and machinery you should inspect unique designs and innovative frames as well. Often new equipment manufacturers come up with interesting machines. However before you purchase any alternative machinery it is a must to ensure that it qualifies all the safety requirements and is an effective machine and not merely a fancy one. At the end of the day you should purchase equipment that allows you to obtain the maximum results. The new, light-weight compact pieces have become popular but die hard exercisers swear by the conventional forms.

Since weights are the crux of any weightlifting exercise program, they need to be purchased after much deliberation and research. It is advisable that you buy a standard weights system which uses free weights. The frame should be expandable so that you can keep adding supplementary parts to it as your exercise routine advances. It is important that the weights system you purchase is suited to the squat racks and the fall bar as well. One can buy different pieces from different brands and sports lines provided they all belong to the same category of weights.

If you plan to buy a “cage” machine, that is, an enclosed frame it is important that you physically try it out first. Machines often look comfortable but in actuality turn out to be cramped. So it is necessary that the piece you pick out allows for enough moving room and free space.

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