Entertainment logo design – what should it be like?

By: jimmy martan

Entertainment industries are those industries which are normally used to describe showbiz industries including music, theatre, movies, films, and comedy. These are different fields in an entertainment industry.
When a company joins an entertainment industry it has to pass through certain aspects to become popular among the public. One of these aspects is logo of that entertainment company. There are many types of logo designs. Most of them are made keeping the kind and type of category the company to whom it belongs to, for which logo is being designed.
For entertainment companies, normally logo designs are made keeping the worth of the company in mind and the type of entertainment it focuses on when designing a logo.
There are numerous other factors which also need to be considered like what type of colors should be chosen for the logo. The shape of the logo, whether it should be abstract in nature or depiction of any kind?
Let's take the example of some of the famous studios of the 21st century.
Warner Bros Studios: The most famous studio in terms of film is Warner bros. It has almost produced more than 20 hit films in last 10 years. The Warner Bros logo is in shield shape with two words ‘WB’ meaning Warner Bros. The color of the logo is golden with blue background. Making the logo design best of its kind. In the middle there is a golden strip with text saying, ‘Warner Bros Pictures’.
Walt Disney Studios: Walt Disney as we all know is a very old company but at the same time is one of the most famous ones who has produced some of the best characters notably ‘Mickey mouse’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh’. If we look at the logo of Walt Disney Studios, then we will see a ‘Castle’ with an ‘Ark’ across it. The castle depicts the Disney land or the land, where all characters live. Walt Disney pictures are written beneath it in Walt graph.
This is a simple logo which has the quality of displaying wonders in black as well as on colored movies.
Pixar Studios: Pixar Studios is a studio Co founded by Steve jobs. The studio is mainly famous for its CGI films. It has currently produced 12 feature films including Toy story (all parts), Cars (all parts) and Finding Memo.
IF we look at the studio’s logo, PIXAR has a reading lamp in place of ‘I’. But in motion pictures it keeps playing with its logo like in WALL-E it changed the X with WALL-E. However, the logo is made very simple and has the font can easily be read even with the ‘lamp’. Making it a popular logo among kids, who recognize that an animated movie is coming when they saw the logo of the studio at the start.
These were some of the logo designs of the most famous companies in the entertainment industry. These companies are in the entertainment industry for a long time but that doesn’t mean they just got popular because of the time. They invested hard work even in the lightest and slightest pieces of their company and logo design is one of them. So, when designing the logo of your company, keep in mind these designs and the simplicity and style used in them.

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