Entertainment logo Design – Salient Features

By: william benn

A logo is an identity and a trademark of a company. It represents its company to public and is aimed to make a long lasting impression on its clients and customers.
So a logo is something that can arouse curiosity in public. And the nature of company should be depicted in the logo design so that public knows from the start what the logo is for.
Fonts of a logo: Maximum of ‘two fonts’ is normally used when designing a logo. Because a logo if added with lot of fonts, will not only look bad but will also depict an image of ‘carelessness’ towards the company (might it be fault of a designer). So when having designed your logo from a custom logo designer or when designing it yourself, remember to keep a look on fonts of your logo.
Colors of a logo: Next comes colors used in a logo design. Like I said before and I will say it again that maximum of three colors should be used in a logo design. Because colors are also like fonts, if too many colors are added to a logo design than not only will the logo look bad but also present a poor image of company. Also an important thing which we often neglect when logo is being designed is the black and white print. A good company logo designer knows the dark and light concept and always keeps a balance between these colors. That’s the reason many designs designed by a good company logo designer look good on print as well as web.
Style of a logo design: Style choosing for a logo is a very difficult task. But the style is mostly told by the client for which the logo is being designed. For entertainment logo designs usually fresh and active logo designs are used. For example in a IT logo design the image of peaceful place or a sacred place will not look good in the logo. It’s better to use a modern image and up to date logo. Because Information technology is related to technology and advancement designing a logo that depicts the same information to public is what a logo for.
These are some of the salient features of an entertainment logo design. But in the end it all comes to the thinking and creativity of a logo designer himself. Because he is the designer and all controls are in his hands.

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