Enter the DFU mode and see how much you can do with your iPhone

By: Axel Price

An iPhone is an iPhone – absolutely right as they say in the ad. Despite the Android devices selling more worldwide in terms of number the pleasure of owning an iPhone or any other Apple product is something else altogether. There is just one issue with the Apple products – the company is too stringent about letting the users do things with its devices. Hence people jailbreak Apple devices. If you are planning to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad or iPod then you have to know about the DFU mode and Cydia.

DFU mode means “Device Firmware Upgrade / Update” mode. It is a state of the iPhone where iTunes interaction is possible without loading iOS or boot loader. This is where this mode is different from the iPhone recovery mode. People use this mode to upgrade or downgrade the firmware. For someone that is planning to jailbreak an iPhone or unlock a SIM it is important to upgrade or downgrade the firmware and it is possible through this mode.

Entering the DFU mode is very simple and anyone can do it. To get started one needs to connect the iPhone to a computer and launch iTunes. Now the phone needs to be turned off by keeping the power button pressed. Now the power button needs to be pressed along with the home button and one should keep the buttons pressed for about 10 seconds. Now the power button needs to be released while keeping the home button pressed. An iTunes message will now appear to tell you that the iPhone has been detected in the recovery mode. Now the user is in the DFU mode and the screen will be completely black. But it can interface with custom firmware and iTunes. To come out of this mode the power and the home buttons again need to be pressed together till one sees the Apple logo.

Once someone jailbreaks an Apple device they should use Cydia. It is an app that allows one to find and install apps and software packages in jailbroken Apple devices.

Cydia uses an APT to provide a GUI to the user of a jailbroken Apple device. During the process of jailbreaking an Apple device Cydia can be downloaded into the device. In fact some of the jailbreaking tools automatically download and install this app so that one can start downloading software apps after the jailbreak is completed. The beauty of this app is that it installs the apps in the same directories where the pre-installed apps are located. The GUI is well designed and makes it very easy for anyone to look at the app and use it as they would want to.

Sometimes there is really no fun in using an Apple device that hasn’t been broken into. Jailbreaking brings more fun for most users and this can be done in the DFU mode. And when you start using Cydia you have all the more fun. Just ensure that your Apple device is safe during these procedures but that’s easy.

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To have more fun with your Apple device enter the DFU mode. This mode will allow you to jailbreak the device. After the jailbreak is complete you can install all apps using Cydia.

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