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The advancement in technology has led to the advancements in crime and criminal tools. One of the most commonly occurring crimes today is cyber crime. Cyber crime is one of the most dangerous one because through this your private, professional and personal details can be acknowledged by any one who knows how to hack a computer and is on stake. Protection against cyber crime has now become imperative; a firm issue that has to be dealt with. Many measures and cautions have been thought of to give protection to the computers against these sorts of malpractices.

Here are some easy tips that you can follow to ensure your computer safety. First of all you should posses’ protection software. You should also regularly update it because each day new type of viruses is being created. To ensure enhanced protection, the latest versions updates are extremely necessary. The variants of security software are antivirus software, antispyware software and firewall. Each one has a different function to perform and different specifications.

Most anitviruses are available free of cost. One of the best in the world are AVG, avira and avast. It protects the system against viruses which slows down the working of the computer. The antispyware software is the ones which prevents your PC from downloading spywares automatically on your computer with out your consent. Some browsers themselves offer protection by giving pop-ups. Firewalls are also similar to antivirus. The function of this is to prevent computer communication to unauthorized sites via internet.

You should ensure that the operating system you choose must contain the latest security options and you should also enable the automatic updates download options so that any time there is a new update for the security software, it can be automatically downloaded. This ensures firm protection and safety personal documents.

You should also turn off your internet connection while you are not using it. This can protect your computer by breaking the source of transmission of viruses. When there will be no medium of transfer then there will be a less threat. Further more it is always better to replicate and save your information in a secondary medium to be kept as a backup if the computer is temporarily ill. After immediately you feel that your computer is affected by viruses you should verify your IP address to make sure that there is none other conflict of your IP. You can also block cookies from your search engines. Cookies can be harmful because they ay keep a track of the unauthorized websites too.

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