Enjoying the Robust Flavor of the Darjeeling and Earl Grey Tea

By: arthur mavericck

Darjeeling tea and Earl Grey tea are two of the most popular black teas available for you. Because black teas are popular, they are widely available in the market and cheaper too than traditional green teas. In Japan and China, a black tea is more commonly known as red tea. This type of tea can be prepared using hot or cold water. Whether hot or cold, a black tea will generally retain its full bodied flavor which is more robust than the light textured green tea. That is why avid tea lovers usually prefer a black tea because of its strong flavors.

One of the best black brews you can enjoy is the Darjeeling tea. This tea originated in India and is considered as the finest tea in the world. The Darjeeling produces a light but strong bodied brew with an equally strong floral aroma. Its liquor is generally lighter than any type of black tea. The Darjeeling tea has a musky taste with a distinct spicy flavor. Most tea experts refer to this specific flavor as muscatel flavor. Aside from the spicy taste, the Darjeeling tea can also display some astringent taste qualities. When you drink a Darjeeling black tea, you will feel a cool aftertaste which will be a little sweeter and lighter than the original brew.

The Earl Grey tea on the other hand is technically not a tea variety but a blended tea. This blend was created by Earl Charles Grey of Britain way back in the 1830s. It has become very popular since then because of its tart and refreshing qualities. The Earl Grey tea is basically a pure black tea laced with citrus and bergamot. The citrus flavor gives the tea its refreshing taste while the bergamot provides the sweetness and the orange blossom hints. The Earl Grey is a perfect brew if prepared in warm water. However, you can also opt to prepare it with ice cold water and add some flavoring like lemon or honey. This tea is an old time favorite in the United Kingdom and the U.S.

There are also other popular varieties of black tea such as the lapsang souchong and the English breakfast tea. The lapsang souchong tea has a very unique pine smoked flavor. It is normally served hot so you can enjoy the unique smoky and musky flavor of fresh pine. The English breakfast tea on the other hand is another type of tea blend with the black tea as primary ingredient. Generally, processing of the black tea leaves involves many hours of drying. After picking, the leaves will be dried for 18 hours or more until all the moisture content has been eliminated. The leaves are processed to attain blackness and fired in order to stop oxidation. The final firing process retains the flavor and aroma of the leaves.

A black tea is high in caffeine but it is rich in flavonoids which is good for the heart. The Darjeeling and Earl Grey also display certain anti-inflammatory properties and can help maintain the normal blood sugar levels of an average adult. Most importantly, a black tea is very flavorful so every sip would be very satisfying.

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