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By: David Stack

When you're on the family way, you're filled with excitement and curiosity as to how your baby is developing inside you. Despite the many physical inconveniences (morning sickness, weight gain, labor pains, among many others) and financial hitches associated with most pregnancies, you're still looking forward to that much-awaited day of childbirth when you would finally get to actually see and hold your baby.

Every week spells new development as your baby continues to grow inside you. And as your baby grows, your body also shows different changes as it keeps up with your child's growth. For first time mothers, it is best to know these changes so you would know what to expect in your pregnancy calendar. In other words, find out what happens in the first, second and third/last trimester of normal childbearing.

The first trimester consists of the first week up to the 13th week of pregnancy. By week 4, the blastocyst that will be your baby splits to form the placenta and the embryo. This is also the time when the specialized parts of your baby's body start to develop. Week 5 is when your baby's heart and circulatory system begin to develop while his face starts to take shape by week 6.

Morning sickness (which doesn't just strike in the morning) makes you running to the bathroom or the nearest sink by week 8 as your baby starts moving in your womb. By week 9, baby starts to develop muscles while you feel yourself getting lazy because all you ever want to do sleep. Baby forms his bones and cartilage by week 10 and starts to look human by week 11.

For the second trimester or weeks 14 to 27 of your pregnancy, your baby continues to grow and develop his facial and physical features while you find your weight doubling up very fast. This is also the time when your baby starts kicking, practices sucking and swallowing, develops his skin's protective coating, and opens his eyes. By week 20, an ultrasound can tell you if you're bearing a boy or a girl.

The third and last trimester, or weeks 28 to 42, is where baby completes his brain development and the last stages of his growth inside the womb as he prepares to come out to the real world and finally meet you and be cradled into your awaiting arms.

Childbearing and childbirth is such a rewarding experience. It is also the time for you to enjoy your maternity and purchase clothes and other items that will make your pregnancy more convenient and as bearable as it could possibly be. There are many stores that specialize in maternity products, such as Crave Maternity.

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