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By: Mark Long

After some minutes of taking your great Indian meals, there is always the need for dessert. There are so many desserts that are made in India by the Indian people to give visitors and also citizens the true feel of what is feels like to be in the country. Just like in the culture of the Indian people, spices can never be erased; great desserts can never be erased. Spices make Indians special and also make their meals special. For so many years, the tradition of spices has taken over and also center stage where the prices of Indian meals are concerned.

Well, if you have been out of the country for a while, getting the right cocktail from the instant mix of fruits and other stuff blended together like the Indian will do it is not easy. This is why you should relax, eat some Chicken Masala and after that, have Gulab Jamun for dessert.

Introduce your Friends to Gulab Jamun

If you want one of the best desserts in India that has so many blends and also instant mix flavors with a pinch of different cultures, you can always count solely on Gulab Jamun. If you are in town with some friends from another country or have some visitors from other countries, it will be amazing and better to make them have a feel of this dessert which is one of the most popular in the country. So many Indians love this dessert and some cannot hold themselves if they do not have it at least once or day. What makes this dessert so much fun to make is the simplicity in the processes used to make it.

Preparing this Dessert

Apart from the taste of this dessert, you can also be sure that, it is very easy to make. This means, you can make it every day for your children or even yourself without having to worry about wasting time or getting late to work. Also, to make the dessert more sophisticated and welcoming, they can be served with ice cream. If you want to surprise everyone in your home, you can make it at home and serve it to everyone after eating lunch or dinner some days in the week. This is one way to instill love and respect for Indian desserts into all individuals in the home.

Ingredients Used in Making the Dessert

In making this dessert, you need to be very sure all ingredients and stuff needed to complete the desert is available. Looking for one ingredient or utensil as you go about making the dessert can take the life out of it. This is why you need to pack all ingredients down where you can see then, you can go ahead to make your dessert. Ingredients that will be needed include 3 cups of sugar, 6 cups of water, 1 tablespoonful cardamom powder, 2 tablespoonful rose water, 3 cups of milk (powdered), flour, vegetable oil, 1 cup of cream, and baking powder.

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The writer has expertise in the making of various Indian desserts and the writer used to be a manager of a food company in India which was and is still known for the very best Gulab Jamun mixes. He also trains individuals on how to make instant mix of various ingredients to make delicious Indian and continental desserts.

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