Enhance Your Online Business with Vista 3D BoxShot Software

By: Chris Robertson

Whether you're new to the online business world or have been working online a while, you're likely going to need new graphics, e-book covers, etc. designed for your website from time to time.

Perhaps you're accustomed to paying a graphic designer hundreds of dollars per project because you're not familiar with design or don't feel you have the time to create graphics. Thankfully, you can now enhance your Web business with far less expense if you own a simple program called Photoshop CS3. And to make things even easier, new software called Vista 3D BoxShot has been released as a companion tool to create your own e-book covers, software boxes, amazing headings, and more.

Why Create Your Own Images?

There are several tremendous benefits to creating your own site graphics. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. Graphic designers charge handsomely for their skills. You might pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for one logo or e-book cover, or even more for very detailed artwork. Graphic designers are worth their price if you need something very artistic and simply don't have the know-how to create it yourself. But if you need software boxes or e-book covers that are simple, yet professional, Box Shot software provides all the tools you need to create these in moments.

Another reason to create your own images is flexibility. Let's consider for a moment that you'd like to test several products on the market, or even several e-book covers to see which one gets the most sales response. If you plan to test three different images, this could cost a great deal when hiring a designer. Also, you would possibly need to wait several weeks for your designs to be completed. Using BoxShot software for Photoshop C3S enables you to create several images within the hour. So you can start testing your products immediately.

This also makes it more affordable to promote multiple products on various websites so you can create as many e-book covers, software boxes, or logos as needed. BoxShot makers give you flexibility of design with various shapes, sizes and colors to choose from so you can easily get the look and feel you want for every product.

How Does BoxShot Work?

BoxShot works using Photoshop actions. Actions are basically text files used to record various design work that you can use again and again. Photoshop reads these files and re-applies the commands so the action can be utilized in your next project. This eliminates the need to re-create the same designs from scratch every time you want to create a new image or e-book cover. With BoxShot, you're able to access many ready-made templates that are very easy to edit for your own needs.

The Vista software box not only saves you money, but it also enables you to compete in your online market. Your products will have a very professional look in the eyes of potential customers. A 3D e-book cover gives the customer something to actually see with their eyes, and this can mean the difference between buying from you or a competitor.

With BoxShot technology, you can soar to new heights with your online business, and the power of design will be in your hands. You can get this software online along with other amazing tools and action files to boost your design, such as templates for CD covers, software boxes, credit cards, and more. Take control of your site's design today!

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