Energy MLM Scam Attempts To Exploit Viridian Scam's Good Reputation

By: Kim Tarr

Since you have discovered my page on energy mlm, I assume you are looking to get involved in an energy home-based business I have to say that in the last 5 months We have heard so much about energy mlm's and have had more and more people try to sponsor me to their businesses, it is only spreading like wildfire. I have talked to some people that have never wished to get involved in mlm before get in because the proven fact that you can get paid off of other people's electricity bill just makes sense for them.

Many people are not aware there are many different energy multi level marketing companies available. There are about 6 that I know of I know that there could be more to come. So, what makes these organizations different? Well first, the start up costs. Should you be looking to become a distributor for any company, you are looking for spending typically $300-$429 just to begin. On top of an expense, you will also must spend between $20-$25 per month to host your websites.

Are you aware that in most of the energy companies you have to pay a yearly renewal fee? This fee can vary from $59-$200 annually. So, the initial year in business, you are looking at between $600-$700, not a bad investment considering you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited income.

Compensation and leadership are always going to be different depending on the company. As far as compensation goes, I don't think I have seen a bad compensation plan in any mlm! Now, with respect to the company, one may offer a greater start up bonus or even pay with an extra level. Personally, the most vital aspect in joining a company is the leadership.

Regardless of what company you choose to join, you must feel comfortable with the leadership team and upline. You'll want support from them. If you have questions, you need folks that you can contact to assist you build this business. I have been in mlm groups that have had poor quality leadership or education and I failed miserably.

Initially when i first heard about the energy companies, I had no curiosity about joining one because I had been already in a network marketing. A man called me and informed me about a specific organization. I'm not only in mlm to make a living, but I am also within it to help other folks achieve their dreams and goals. Ecommerce model of having energy because the product just made sense, but when I discovered that there was a company that had no investment to get started, It just made sense because I'm able to help those create an income from home that maybe do not have money to get started. I have talked with other energy brokers from businesses and they tell me that numerous individuals they talk with do not have the amount of money to enroll into their company, so they don't join. So, what's going to happen is those individuals are going to find me online, exactly like you did, and join my company.

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