Energy Companies Scam - The Truth

By: Kim Tarr

Many individuals wonder what it takes to become an Energy Broker; since there are a large amount of other companies available that need a massive investment, which range from 299-$429, fees each month ranging from $20-$25, plus some companies even have yearly renewal fees ranging from $59-$199. So, when you're getting started in any energy company, make sure to ask about every one of the fees that are required of you to pay. I spoke with a gentleman yesterday and the man didn't have any idea there was an renewal fee for that biz opp he was apart of.

With North America Power, it is free to enlist in. No Investment, no fees each month, no renewal fees. All you need to do to join NAP is switch your energy provider! that is all In the event you do not pay an electricity statement, then you can certainly use a friends or family's bill. If you don't have statement use, nevertheless, you still want to do the business opportunity, you are able to become a representative for $14.95 monthly! It's literally a no-risk situation because you will be earning a commission from your own personal bill anyway.

The advantages of learning to be a broker are truly extra-ordinary also! We have unparalleled support, and our Back-Office website is far above and beyond what some other company offers. You can find HUGE tax benefits for being an independent Entrepreneur as well.

Imagine what can happen in some of the other energy companies if you recruit your friend for $300 (or even more most of the time), and 9 out of 10 individuals never even earn their money back. That might be a burnt bridge. Your friend will be very upset with you and change energy suppliers and you may lose that individual as a customer. With NAP you do not have to put on a ski-mask to do this business; because you aren't fleecing individuals you know and love for a huge investment that a lot of of which will not even make back.

In addition, if folks in other energy companys talk to 10 people, say only 1 person pays out the investment and joins the company in hopes to create a profitable trade. When asked what number of those 10 people might have joined to become a sales person if it were no cost, that number changes to 6-8 out of 10. Wouldn't it be simpler to build a bigger business if you had an organization that offered no cost to get started?

Whether you decide to plug into NAP or if elect to enter another energy business, unless you have a huge warm market, you will have to use the web should you be looking to create that 6 figure income. Website marketing works, however, people do not have the skills making it benefit themselves. Things I have experienced personally is a lot of spam on Facebook and in my email account. This kind of marketing simply is not effective. You should be trained on effective online marketing strategies which were shown to work by people who are top earners inside their company.

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