End Homelessness in America

By: Johnny Whitfield

We could end homelessness in America this year. We should.

Bureaucratic red tape will prevent it from happening, but we can fight until it becomes a reality.

Sources continue to show there are millions of abandoned houses in the US. The numbers range from 14.2 million to 19 million. Thatís a lot of empty houses.

One group thinks we could give 24 houses to each homeless person (1.75 million homeless according to this site - means 8 houses per person) . Should we? Of course not.

Hereís a logical solution: let the homeless have a house in exchange for working on the house and yard to get it in shape. They could work with Habitat for Humanity or many other non-profits that work to help homeless.

We could let the homeless pick a roommate and have free education and internet to give them the tools they need to succeed. This way, we give away about 900k houses.

We need to end Section 8 housing. That property/land should be sold to the private sector to eliminate national debt.

Those currently residing in Section 8 (2.2 million households) would be given an abandoned house as well. Now they have a permanent residence at zero expense to taxpayers. They can help with the necessary work on their new house too.

Then, we can eliminate all the paper pushers that deal with Section 8, alleviating some of the tax burden/deficit. Of course, we should really end all federal (but not state) welfare programs. There are plenty of non-profits (1.5 million) to step up and care for those who need extra help.

Itís cheaper for the country to give (a gift) a permanent residence (a whole house) to people in need. Giving away abandoned homes to those in need reduces the cost, the financial burden, to taxpayers. And if cut to the necessary level, balances the federal budget.

I love the opportunity we have to really change lives for the better. Giving a hand up is cool. Reducing taxes while giving people homes is freaking awesome.

If you did my math, we are giving 3.1 million homes to the homeless and current Section 8 residents. We have enough room to give a house to all the government employees who become unemployed from the cuts. Which would leave us with at least 11 million abandoned homes still to give.

If Iím right about the market collapsing and tech eating jobs, we should keep all these homes ready for those who are about to fall on hard financial times.

A free house sure sounds like a good enough ďsafety net.Ē Can we stop with all the federal entitlement programs and handouts now?

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