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Many colleges talk about the importance of increasing student retention. In fact, some significant resources to invest in programs to achieve this goal. Some institutions even hire consultants who promise a proven formula for successful conservation. But all these efforts, most institutions are not student retention seriously. To address the retention of students, like many other problems, like any other item in the list of topics to add, by the institution to deal with. You take what Parker on "add a course" strategy to address the problems faced calls.
Need to address the issue of diversity? Add a course in diversity studies. Need to address the issue of retention of the address of the student, especially new students? Add a first-year seminar or perhaps a first year together. The result is that students experience increasingly segmented into smaller parts, their relationships with faculty, staff and other closely and more specialized, their learning is divided into smaller segments separately.
Therefore, it is true that student retention programs abound in schools, most institutions have taken seriously the retention of students. There may be a small change in the essential character of the school, little change in the dominant character of the experience of education students, so few roots deeper sense of student attrition. As a result, most efforts to improve student retention, successful to some extent, had a more limited impact than they should or could.

What does this mean for the institutions to take student retention seriously? Other institutions would stop tinkering around the margins of institutional life and achieve better retention of students fundamental points on which to organize their activities. They move through the provision of additional services and establishes the conditions that promote educational storage of all, not just some students. For the serious student retention, institutions recognize that the roots of wear, not only in their students and the situations they encounter, but also in the character of educational institutions are accepted, of course, the universities which require students learn.
An extensive body of research identifies the conditions that promote better retention, especially among freshmen in college. Here the focus is on the conditions in which to place the students take the attributes of students themselves. Although some might argue otherwise, students are the attributes of the vast majority of institutions, primarily through direct institutional control.
This is not the case, but for settings such as classrooms, laboratories and residences, where institutions offer their students. Such attitudes are already in the institutional control, their attributes, and reflects the decisions and actions taken or not. You can change if institutions are serious in their pursuit of student retention.

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