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With the uncertainty of everyday situations, accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. Emergencies that involve bio-terrorism attacks, chemical and radiation, natural disasters, and household accidents may happen spontaneously. Because of this, people will never know when they might need an Emergency Response System (ERS), that may be used to contact an emergency response unit and certain people. Too often, these situations may get out of hand because of lack of training and unpreparedness. This may lead to confusion and damage to property or even the loss of many lives. By putting an emergency response system in place, people can improve the way they respond and manage these emergencies and major incidents.

ERS provides individuals with assistance when it is needed and when they are unable to make a phone call. This system provides people both awareness and reassurance that help will arrive soon after just push of a button. ERS feature state-of-the-art equipment merged with the highly-trained, dedicated, and competent individuals in the business. This system guarantees its consumers the safety of their loved ones and property. ERS may include a radio transmitter, an electronic device (console) which may connected to the telephones or computers, and an emergency response center. This center monitors calls, e-mails, and other possible sources. When help is needed, the ERS may press a button and send a radio signal to the console. The console automatically dials pre-selected emergency phone numbers or specific persons designated to receive these calls.

The major benefits of having EMRs are automatic messaging, contacting proper authorities, and mass e-mail information distribution. EMRs automatically send out messages to telephones and mobile phones informing individuals of unwanted situations developing. Depending on the kind of emergency response system that is being used, consumers may choose to send messages to certain individuals or these messages may include a list of instructions regarding what actions should be taken during an emergency.

Depending on the description of the distress, the EMR may advance and contact the police, fire department, ambulance services, or any other emergency service provider that are well-equipped to deal with the particular situation. This makes things easier for the on-site person who is attempting to coordinate specialists to respond and get everything under control. In many cases, the EMR only emits a a silent alarm on the service provider site and not in the actual place where the incident is taking place. This procedure was included in the system in order to avoid panic and confusion. The addition of alarms or other notification systems will help prevent the escalation of an emergency situation.

Another helpful advantage of an EMR is the capability to send mass e-mails to specific people who are included in a designated list to inform them of the situation and the steps that should be taken. It is also possible with certain EMRs to include a recorded telephone message for people who do not have access to e-mails and ones who do not check them often. E-mails and telephone messages may be updated to ensure the right details are distributed to necessary people.

An Emergency Response System can be used effectively to keep loved ones and property safe. The last thing people want in an emergency crisis is panic that may lead to more harm. Don't wait for accidents to happen, contact an ERS provider and avail of their services before its too late.

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