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By: Audrian Cambell

Needless to say that in today’s business environment, protecting endpoints from different types of threats is indeed one of the single most critical functions for any IT department. Considering the sheer quantity of spams and malware that hits the corporate email servers almost on a daily basis, more and more businesses are opting for cloud based email filtering appliance. With the continuous growing threat from malware and definitely with the increasing number of Web-based applications, protecting these platforms and resources thus has become one of the major concerns of the IT decision maker. Relying on a hosted email archiving solution thus stands as need of the hour.

Truth of the matter is the increasing volume of these threats as well as with the growing sophistication in using cutting edge methods in penetrating corporate defense have steered many organizations to opt for cloud-based exchange email archiving solutions.

Yes, threats are actually growing in terms of sophistication and severity

In the recent years, the numbers of organizations reporting security violations through Web and email has gained a northward momentum. Reports suggest that the security violations such as malware, phishing and other similar types of attacks are steadily growing with each passing year. Quite ideally therefore, the defenses against these infiltrations are becoming rather successful. This is when more and more organizations are deploying hosted email archiving solutions as a typical supplement to their traditional and on-premise systems.

Spam is a serious issue

Research has proved that the volume of all the unsolicited content was much lower in the year 2011 than it was in year 2010. The reason was definitely the introduction of different types of botnets, which has helped in blocking spams. However, spams still stand as a staggering annoyance and even today it continues to represent at least 75% of all email crisscrossing the Internet. Although spam is not all that “dangerous” from the security stand point, however, it wastes bandwidth and storage space, not to mention employee time and the mammoth IT cost of deploying systems in eradicating spam from the corporate networks. Yes, you have got that right; spam wastes the overall IT’s and the users’ time and also steers up the cost of email and other IT-managed systems. This is where cloud based e mail filtering appliance plays its share while blocking the spam mails right at the server.

Malware is a serious threat

The malware threat is definitely much more dangerous than the spam. to say, with the growing number of the keystroke loggers, the password-stealing Trojans as well as with other types of malware, the corporate finances and business data are definitely at a risk. This is when more and more companies are considering exchange email archiving solutions in blocking the malware.

Cloud based email filtering appliances have certain advanced features in meeting the email archiving necessities of the businesses and the large corporate houses. However, check out the features well before you purchase any. Check their customer support service and other aspects well before selecting any.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email filtering appliance or hosted email archiving solutions work to help you maintain your emails storage and make your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about email storage software. He will also share some valuable tips to help you exchange email archiving solutions.

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