Eliminating Skin Blemishes with the Use of Light Energy

By: Pamela Cobb

It's been said time and again that real beauty is not just skin deep. True beauty, for some people, is what’s inside, although some would contend that it's a combination of both one's goodness and visual appeal. Admittedly, however, people are more attracted or drawn to someone who's good-looking. And when it comes to looking good, a flawless skin is something many people desire to have.

Many people have skin blemishes or imperfections either because they were born with them or they acquired them because of poor hygiene. From nose veins to acne scars, skin flaws can come in various shapes, sizes and colors. No matter how attractive someone's face is, if their skin is full of unsightly marks, their overall appeal is somehow diminished.

If you can't stand looking at yourself in the mirror because of unappealing (and unwanted) features on your skin, you don't have to keep feeling that way given the advanced ways of treating skin imperfections available to you. And two of these treatments are called laser treatment and IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

Sometimes inadvertently interchanged, laser and IPL, although they both use light energy, are actually different. Lasers produce light energy of only one wavelength that is absorbed by blood; hence, they only treat red blemished in the skin. What makes IPL different is that it produces light that has a band of different wavelengths that collectively target not only a variety of red blemishes but brown blemishes as well. Aside from that, IPL can also be used for hair removal and photorejuvenation, which can remove wrinkles caused by aging.

Both IPL and laser treatment can deal with various skin blemishes such as: broken capillaries (commonly found on the cheeks or nose area), rosacea (a common skin disease that causes redness on the nose, chin, or forehead), nose veins (large veins on the sides of the nostrils, and port wine stains, which are pink, red, or purple blotches on the skin).

The question in people's minds, though, is if these treatments are actually safe. If clinicians follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the equipment used for laser and IPL and such equipment is maintained, they are generally safe. Just make sure that if you decide to undergo these treatments, you engage the services of those who are have solid experience and are licensed to perform these procedures. There have been stories and reports of those who suffered from various types of side effects due to improper handling of equipment or procedural missteps.

The other question some people have is how many treatments they will need to get rid of their skin flaws. Well, the number of treatments would depend on the condition to be treated. Generally, one or two treatments are enough to remove most red blemishes. For extensive conditions, however, more treatments are usually required.

Start getting more confidence (and more courage in looking in the mirror) by getting rid of those nasty-looking blemished via laser or IPL.

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Pamela Cobb is a skincare expert with over 8 years of experience in the health and beauty industry. Through blogging, she aims to share her expertise, knowledge and experience in skincare to beauty-conscious men and women today. Check out Heberdavis website for various products and treatments for your skin to make it look good, including how to treat port wine stains.

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