Eliminate Wrinkles the Organic Way!

By: Gerald Steinert

How do we get wrinkles? It is a question worthy of pondering. Second best question: How do we eliminate wrinkles. These two aforementioned questions are explored about in this following article.

First let's begin by explaining what skin is. The largest organ the body contains is that of it's skin. Skin is more complex than you'd think. It is made of two layers along with various types of cells. It protects the rest of the body by enveloping it. It also serves to maintain it with a consistent temperature.

The skin's outer layer is termed the epidermis. It is made mainly of keratin and its level of thickness varies. Skin cells produce this type of protein called keratin. Both finger and toe nails along with hair are made up of keratin. Hair and nails at the end of the day really are just extensions of the skin.

Underneath the epidermis layer lies the dermis layer. This layer contains connective tissues in addition to nerves, sebaceous glands, blood and lymph vessels, and hair follicles. What the dermis is mostly made of is collagen. This substance makes up about a third of body's protein. The elasticity of the skin comes from its collagen.

As we age, we begin to lose this elasticity. While aging is inevitable, premature aging does not have to be. And this is where we find the fine lines and wrinkles. How then to prevent the premature wrinkles?

Find an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

You can find a various assortment of various skin care creams on the market these days. It is best recommended to find one that has Vitamin A and alpha hydroxyl acid. What this type of cream accomplishes for your skin is to remove dead skin cells and plump and tone up the skin. The goal is these creams will makes fine lines less apparent. It is necessary to use your anti aging skin care cream on a consistent basis over a long period of time.

The Truth About Surgical Procedures

You can eliminate wrinkles along with altering the appearance of your skin for the better with the use of various surgical procedures.

Dermabrasion will remove the top layer of skin. It helps to take out dying skin cells while reducing the visibility of fine lines.

What face lifts, on the other hand, will accomplish is to lift up your facial tissue with the goal to eliminate wrinkles. This skin care operation will require of you both prolonged hospital stays in addition to being under possibly dangerous anesthesia. You can easily get rid of wrinkles with a face lift. The disadvantages are it is expensive and difficult.

Botox injections are used many times for forehead wrinkles. The facial muscles are injected with a toxin called Botulinum in this procedure. What'll do is relax these muscles and flatten them out.

What laser resurfacing does is to treat wrinkles with a focused light. It is designed to remove damaged tissue and tighten collagen fibers.

Use the Best Skin Care Cream to Eliminate Wrinkles

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