Electronic cigarettes- give them a go

By: Larry Reid

There probably is not a person on the planet who doesn't know how harmful tobacco can be and the many adverse effects they can have on the health of smokers and the people around them. Diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease are directly linked to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. That is why electronic cigarettes are a breath of fresh air for smokers around the world.

Electronic cigarettes provide smokers with a new, much safer, way to get their nicotine fix without putting themselves and those around them in serious danger from the many toxic chemicals released each and every time they smoke traditional cigarettes.

Smokers have their little rituals which they get used to when smoking and these are almost as hard to break as a smoking addiction itself. This is why the electronic cigarettes, available at www.uk-electronic-cigarette.com, are designed to look and behave just like a normal tobacco cigarette would. They even go so far as to produce a smoke made from water vapour to give the illusion of a lit cigarette. The electronic cigarettes contain a nicotine cartridge which gives the smoker the same amount of nicotine they would get when smoking tobacco cigarettes, but it cuts out all the nasty chemicals which can cause additional health problems.

Another benefit of using electronic cigarettes over tobacco ones is that they do not produce an unpleasant odour and as the odour produced by smoking is a particularly hard one to get rid of, this is an excellent bonus. Smokers have nothing to lose by trying E cigs.

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