Electronic cigarette review - The Pros and Cons of Using E- cigarette

By: Adrian Rocker

Top electronic cigarette is a perfect alternative for heavy smokers that don’t want and can’t give up their actual smoking hobbies. Electronic cigarette review will you find the right e-cig that will suit your needs. They are convenient to use anywhere without risking your health and distressing second hand smokes.

Many smokers were surprise and happy after the invention which have changed the lives of many heavy smokers – the e-cigarette or the electronic cigarette. This alternative is not only made to help heavy smokers to control their daily nicotine intake but also provides a smoke friendly environment to the non-smokers around. Today, there is a lot of e-cigarette you can find by brands. However, only the top electronic cigarette can only offers you the real sense of the true cigarette.

The electronic cigarette looks very identical to an actual cigarette, tastes akin to an actual cigarette, and gives you control to the nicotine dose you crave without giving up that oral addiction either! The concept is to start off with your own personal desire of what kind of nicotine cartridge to use. You might start at the high nicotine strength to slowly swing yourself to using the non-nicotine cartridges without giving up the core of smoking. You can see in most electronic cigarette review that cartridges come in zero, low, medium, and high nicotine. Here are the Pros and Cons on using top electronic cigarette:


• There are about 4000 cancer-causing substances and tars that you can find in the steady tobacco cigarette while the electronic cigarette contains no tar.
• There is no risk for second hand smoke because the e-cigarette emits only water vapour.
• It requires no lighter because it uses rechargeable batteries to simulate the red crimson end that irradiates every time you take a gust, thus decreasing the hazard of chances of fires which commonly cause by cigarette butts.
• Much more affordable and economical to use than compared to the real cigarette. E-cigarette cartridge refills cost less than of the conventional tobacco stick carton.
• Convenient to use anywhere because it does not belong to smoking bans violation that prohibits smokers to smoke at indoors.
• No nasty odour

Cons- Entirely, e-cig is intended to help smokers to be more health conscious. However, like any other alternatives, there are also few cons you might experience. You can usually read these to electronic cigarette review online.

• There are electronic cigarette reviews which say E-cigarette might not taste exactly the same like a conventional cigarette although you can buy it in various flavours.
• The texture is not the same because it is made from metal and plastic.
• If you are a heavy smoker you are obligated to bring extra charged batteries so you will not run out and tempted again to buy the real one.
• Refills can easily sold out and you need to stock up online so you have adequate before the following shipment comes.
• The e-cig cartridges half a box of smokes and not a full carton like manufacturers assert, so you have to order liquid to fill-up them to save.

Why not buy the top electronic cigarette now and start saving your life. Enjoy the flavour of the e-cigarette much more than the real one!

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If you enjoy smoking too much, the electronic cigarette alternative for smoking is ideal for you. Read best electronic cigarette review online to be updated about the latest and top electronic cigarette available for your convenience.

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