Electric Steam Humidifiers with Blowing Steam Distribution Unit

By: Oleg Chetchel

If you home winds up with too much humidity, it can incease the growth rate and spread of a wide variety of molds. It will also greatly accelerate the rotting process of many woods and other structural materials.

The amount of humidity required in a home is dependent on acertain extent on the way it is constructed. A well inulated house with vapor barriers in walls,ceilings and slabs and properly fitting storm doors and windows may require only couple of galolons of additional moisture per day to maintain the proper relative humidity. A house of same size but loosely constructed may need five times as much moisture in the same period.

Humidity not only affects your home itself, but also a wide variety of contents. Low humidity is the main cause of static electricity in a home. Dry skin and dry carpets are great for creating the friction required to send sparks from you fingertips into anything you touch. With all the highly sensitive electronics equipement (from stereos and tv's to computers) in homes today, static electricity can be a major threat. It doesn't take much of a spark to harm that expensive piece of electronics.

A newly developed CB SDU steam-distubution unit for stand-alone electric steam humidifiers offers unprecedented precise humidity control in any size room or buildeng where ventilating ductwork is not present. The steam is discharged with a quiet fan blower (available in 3 sizes) directly into the area.

In addition, in order to prevent the accumulation of condensation in air ducts, Canada Blower has designed 2 basic configurations of steam distribution to provide the client with the most economical solution for any particular application.

Distribution manifold systems are to be used to prevent condensation in air ducts (available in 3 types of manifolds) .

1. Meag Steam; where absorption distances are very short.
2. SA-1; where absorption distances are short.
3. SA-2; where duct dimensions are restricted.

The SDU Steam Distribution Unit can be used with any type and size of CB electric steam humidifier. The self contained CB steam humidifiers produce mineral free, odourless, sterile steam without the replacement cost associated with electrode cylinders manufactured by competitors.
CB Electric Humidifier has the following features:

Capacities from 6-180lb/hr (3-80 kg/hr) of steam
On/Off or fully modulating with solid state relays
Remote interface capability
Precise mass measuring water sensor.
Permanent stainless steel chamber with self cleaning heating elements
Simplicity of operation and service
Corrosion and scratch resistant aluminium housing with powder paint finish
Wall mounted installation

The CB humidifier is easy to install and provides a simple and reliable operation with the user friendly control package. Steam is produced in a permanent stainless steel chamber which is easily removed and re-installed for rapid servicing. No plastic cylinders to replace, making it more economical to operate and environmentally friendly than the electrode humidifier.

No expensive plastic cylinders to buy
Environmentally friendly - no plastic cylinders to throw away
No more blocked drain solenoid valves
Drain water tempered to below 14

For additional information please refer to http://www.cbblower.com/illinois.html.

Oleg Chechel
Fan and Blower Systems Designer
CB Blower Co.

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