Election Problems 2009 - Obama Vs McCain

By: Denise Biance

It will be difficult to sift through all the problems because the candidates throw barbs at each other this year. This can be a summary of what I will gather together with my very own opinions.
Obama: Needs to enforce labor and environmental standards on free trade. Needs to tax oil companies. Would enable limited off-shore drilling in exchange for alternative energy.
McCain: Supports free trade. Would elevate ban on off-shore drilling and support oil, gas, and alternative fuel production.
The Boomer: Nixon started us into this mess and others used free trade as a stop gap to a falling economy. We are now stuck with free trade. Boomer suggests a necessary import tax where the funds support tiny business job creation and a gradual decline of free trade until imports match exports and Americans go back to work at a good wage. Tax your Toyota. Turn the Toyota factories into Ford plants.
Obama: Favors abortion rights.
McCain: Opposes abortion rights.
The Boomer: This is one space where the choice has to be a very little grey. Abortion ought to only be allowed when the mother's life is in jeopardy or it is medically evident that the baby will not be born alive.
Obama: Supports the death penalty for crimes that " the community is justified in expressing the complete live of its outrage".
McCain: Need to expand the federal death penalty.
The Boomer: All pre-meditated or multiple murders ought to lead to the death penalty.
Obama: Reward teachers with higher pay not tied to standardized check scores. Tax credits for faculty students who perform community service.
McCain: Parental selection of schools. Vouchers for non-public schools. Supports community colleges.
The Boomer: It seems no one is aware of what to do here. The collapse of the family along with gangs, drugs and other addiction issues in our communities are the reason for failed education. The government didn't learn nevertheless that vouchers did not work in housing and can not work in education. Who pays for the tutoring the govt. subsidizes for permitting community service? WE DO. The steel workers costs themselves out of jobs, and therefore the auto employees came close. The lecturers are next. There are too many educational needs for teachers. A number of the simplest potential teachers have very little formal education, some are moms and dads with work experience. Higher pay? Are you kidding me?
Obama: Coverage for children. Need employers to share price of providing insurance like federal employees. Says it would value $65 billion after creating system a lot of efficient. Wealthy families would pay additional taxes to fund it.
McCain: Individual tax credits to create insurance more affordable. If you get the tax credit, you can't deduct the portion paid by your employer.
The Boomer: If employers have to offer insurance just like federal employee insurance, will not they be ready to rent fewer employees. Aren't these the employers that are asking unions for cuts? Creating the system a lot of economical? Come on now! When we can't really solve problems lets simply have the wealthy pay money for it. Nobody has the heart to travel after the medical, drug, and insurance industries who have profits almost like the oil business that everyone bashes.
Obama: Would meet with Iran's President - wait, maybe not. Be diplomatic with Iran and press for robust international sanctions. Opposed troop increase in Iraq - wait, maybe not until the tip of 2009.
McCain: Harder sanctions against Iran. Willing to own permanent peacekeeping force in Iraq.
The Boomer: I am tired of fighting for the world. Let France have a go at it. Perhaps the Russians will pummel some additional countries. Perhaps Iran will aggravate Israel who can pummel them. Let the Taliban take over Pakistan and then blow the full place up once evacuation of democratic citizens. Then let them return and help them rebuild. Nobody talks about foreign aide either. Our children are killing every other on the streets and we have a tendency to give everybody else aide. Movie stars build schools and provide aide all over. Do they ever look out their own windows?
1. Never believe the media polls. They're pointed at sure demographic groups.
They were therefore thus wrong in the primaries.
2. Browse accountable net reports concerning the problems and then decide.
3. Vote. While you recognize they won't deliver on half the guarantees they make.

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