Efusjon: Great Opportunity or Just Hype

By: Roger Priore

Efusjon is a very new multi-level marketing company selling the ever popular, anti-oxidant-loaded acai-berry juice drinks under the RAW and EDGE brand names. Founded just in January of 2009, Efusjon offers a business opportunity that allows distributors to earn up to 4.25% in commissions on total sales volume generated.

In the standard retail industry, it's similar to a plain mark-up cost. Recruits can become an Efusjon business builder with an initial $120 order consisting of four Efusjon energy drink 12-packs. The new recruit is then allowed to sell the products directly to other consumers or through a replicated website account under his name.

Like all the other network marketing companies, Efusjon encourages its distributors to bring in what they call "your 3", which could be three of your family members or friends, who in turn will bring in their own 3, and so on. It is still the same routine endemic to all network marketing companies. Sadly, it will mean you will be struggling to get three people interested in selling energy drinks which face stiff competition in today's networking industry. Although Efusjon has quite a decent product line,, so do all other MLMs selling energy and health drinks. And network marketing here is not really about the energy drinks. It's about staying on top in the compensation plan when a new product hits the market.

Multi-level marketing is a hundred percent about RIGHT TIMING. It is about finding yourself way ahead of the rest so you may recruit them all into the business. The mad rush to get to the top of network marketing's compensation plan is how to earn big in a multi-level marketing structure. Everything else is secondary .
Another essential component to the longevity of a network marketing company is having a good product that generates regular repeat orders. The merchandise needs to be highly desirable and unfortunately, energy or power drinks do not land this category. Without a good product, you will not have a solid platform of loyal customers or distributors for that matter.

The better marketing companies that have stayed on are usually backed by an effective marketing team nurturing a passion for what they do and sell. And behind each of them is a loyal customer base that believes in the products they are buying.

Efusjon doesn't seem to possess all these crucial factors I just mentioned about. It seems consumers will not be patronizing energy or health drinks for a long time but are merely riding on with all the current hype and buzz for these so-called miracle formulations.

The important thing about network marketing is being able to build a substantial client list and a broad registry of business prospects. The products will come and go and will only be good enough until the next big thing hits. That is typical of most networking companies. To stay on it for long requires people to develop the mindset that accomplishment in this industry is about maintaining a healthy client database. Products will go through a cycle of attrition but you client database will always be there during all the hype and buzz, as well as when the next big thing hits.

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