Effects of PCP Drug Abuse

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Phencyclidine (phenylcyclohexylpiperidine) commonly initialized as PCP is a disseminative drug, which means that by consuming this drug mind feels separated from the body. PCP was illegally manufactured in labs and sold out in form of tablets from 1950s. According to survey conducted by National Drug Control, more than 187 million children age 12 and older have abused PCP at least once in their past life. PCP abuse causes many negative psychological effects and due to these effects, it was never approved for human use.

Effects of PCP drug abuse
Due to the overdose of PCP, the drug abusers have unpleasant psychological effects. Their behavior will be unpredictable and often violent behavior is associated. Sometimes the abusers can even commit suicide. Under the influence of PCP, the following are the effects on health of drug abuser.

Effects on Brain: The abuse of PCP distorts perceptions of sight, sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and from them-selves also. These effects are caused by disruption of the interaction between nerve cells and neurotransmitter serotonin. This is distributed throughout the perceptual and regulatory system, results in changes in mood, increases the hunger and body temperature etc.

Effects on abusers: Mostly if once the drug abusing becomes habit it may become very difficult for the abuser to leave it. This abuse can also lead to craving and compulsive PCP seeking behavior, despite of severe adverse consequences. During this process, there are many effects both long term and short term effects depending upon the quantity and usage of the drug.

Long term effects: Many long term effects are found due to the regular abuse of the PCP for a long time. This includes negative effects on respiration system and respiration stops within minutes, which lead to sudden death of the person. Vomiting, hazy vision, flicking up and down of eyes etc are few effects caused by abusing. About 90% of PCP drug abusers are brought into emergency rooms with severe psychological effects. With high dose of the drug abuse the central nervous system is affected and the abuser can even go into state of comma.

Short term effects: Most casual effect is mood disturbances for 48 hrs from the use of drug with significant elevators like anxiety symptoms. Breathing rates gets slightly increased and pronounces into rise in blood pressure along with rise in pulse rate. Breathing becomes shallow, blushing along with copious sweating and many other extremities are generalized with regular abuse of PCP drug and loss of muscular coordination may also occur. These drugs can disturb the ability to think and communicate because of the abuse.

Parent should talk about the dangerous effects of PCP drug abuse with their children. Always prevention is better than cure, so better to take necessary steps for not going for any drug abuse.

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