Effective Treatments for Alopecia Barbae

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According to the research of Dermatology Academy in America a kind of alopecia areata is known as alopecia barbae. Experts say that Alopecia barbae is disease which is characterized by patches of baldness usually on the scalp where hair seems to be missing. On the other hand, Alopecia barbae can also affect the beard which leads to bald patches in the beard rather than hair. These missing patches of Alopecia barbae are often in circular or round in shape. Unlike alopecia areate this indication of hair loss in beard region is only found in males.

The most common treatment for alopecia of beard is definitely the injections of Cortisone. The injections of Cortisone are usually given to the person suffering from alopecia of beard under the supervision of a dermatologist or by the dermatologists themselves. The needles of the injections are inserted into the area or bald patch repeatedly.

With the success of this treatment the patient can expect for the re-emergence of the hair in about four weeks time. However, there is no reported guarantee given by the doctors that this particular treatment of cortisone is successful. As far as the process is concerned it is quite painless and there are no side effects. The patient of alopecia barbae may feel just a tingling when the injections are applied. The area affected may feel sunken, but with the passage of time it may recover.

Topical Minoxidil is another popular medicine which has been proved effective in treating the cases of alopecia barbae or beard patches. The procedure used for this treatment is also easy which involves the application of the solution of the medicine to the affected area. Usually, 5 percent in concentration is the recommended application used by the people suffering from alopecia barbae.

There are some people who have used 2 percent in concentration of this medication, but have found no effective results. According the many experts the combination of Topical Minoxidil and Cortisone can help in increasing the chances of hair re-growth.

Anthralin is another popular medication which is used as a treatment for alopecia of beard. The physical appearance of Anthralin resembles tar and is a cream or ointment. You will have to check with your doctor if you are allergic to the contents of Anthralin. Never use this medication without the supervision of a registered medical professional.

The Anthralin cream is washed off after thirty minutes to an hour of its application. Effective treatment by Anthralin cream or ointment will result in hair re-growing after a period of about twelve or fourteen weeks since the beginning of the treatment. The only concern with this procedure is the side effects. Patients with alopecia barbae have to bear in mind that the cream or ointment should not be left on the affected area in excess of time recommended to avoid any side effects. Apart from these precautions, Anthralin has been proven effective for people suffering from alopecia barbae. Along with the above mentioned remedies, there are many natural home remedies which can be used in treating alopecia barbae.

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