Education and its impact on personal development

By: James Cameron


What is Education?

Education is the formal process of obtaining and imparting knowledge and learning to a person or a group of persons. Most commonly it is believed that education is a treasure of knowledgeable material that one acquires after he or she studies a specific course or subject. In a broader perspective education will also include the experiences of life and the lessons learned during a course of time.

What is Personal Development?

A continuous process of developing human traits, skills, and talents of various types in one’s personality is known as personal development. It includes all the activities that help in enhancement and improvement of a person’s ability to understand various aspects of life and use them for his personal well-being.

The relationship between Education and Personal Development:

One of the greatest weapons used by civilized societies to empower their citizens and people is education. Achievement of many different goals and objectives of life can be made possible through proper educational training and learning.

Education is not only the completion of the academic course outlines and accomplishment of formal learning objectives but it also encompasses the personal development of a person in a continuing process throughout his life span. It is a means of enabling individuals to understand the various subjective as well as abstract aspects of life, people around us and the society at large.

According to a large number of scholars, writers, and experts in the educational field, an effective learning curve can positively help an individual to follow a progressive path of success, personal development and overall wellbeing of the individual.

The impact of Education on Personal Development: Let us now look at some of the ways education may influence personal development process of individuals in a society:

• Education starts at a very early level in life. As a little child, we are exposed to school studies and learning activities. This early indulgence helps initiate the personal development process in early childhood.

• As we go through various levels of education, we start grabbing various types of information and improve our learning by use of this information in the right perspective. Improvement of our learning curve enhances our knowledge bank which is vital for the personal development of various skills and talents.

• Education is a confidence boosting agent in our society. All across the world, educated people are considered to be of higher stature than others and are provided a larger number of opportunities for growth and success in the practical field. Improvement in self-confidence is essential for a positive personal development of individuals.

• With formal education, people have better chances of faster progress and success in their professions and personal lives. They have more opportunities to improve their knowledge and grow their skills and talent in various fields of life.
Education is a learning process and learning is a skill itself. Those who are able to gain an education at early stages of their childhood develop this skill of learning in a more effective way.

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