Educate yourself about the San Diego DUI laws to understand the repercussions of drunk driving

By: Julia Bennet

San Diego DUI laws are well established in the county and for any driver; knowledge about these laws will help them in making safe and well calculate decisions when it comes to drinking as well as driving. It is very important to follow the rules since DUI convictions can be very impractical, unappealing and embarrassing. While some celebrities might be always on the line for drunken driving cases, they have their own team of publicity specialists and lawyers to defend them. For a regular person, you just have to be aware about the rules and in case of a one-time situation; you get a good DUI Lawyer San Diego to defend you. Let us look at what the San Diego DUI laws consist of what we have to be aware about.

First conviction
According to the San Diego DUI law, the punishment for a first DUI offense would be continuous jail time of 48 to 96 hours as well as a fine ranging from $396 to $1000. San Diego court shall determine the length of imprisonment and how much you have to pay for the fine. The DUI Lawyer San Diego could help you reduce the intensity of the conviction or if proven that you are charged unlawfully, you could get away unscathed. The license of the convicted shall be suspended.

Second offense
For a second offense, depending on the situation or gravity of the case, the convicted could have a prison time of 90 days to 1 year. Similar to that of the first offense, the fine will range from $390 up to $1000 but no more than that. Also the license of the person will be suspended and his driverís license has to be surrendered.

Third offense
For a third offense, the convicted driver shall spend jail time at least 120 days up to 1 year. Again, the fine is within $390 up to $1000. Again, in accordance of Section 13550, the convicted shall surrender his or her license and be suspended from using it. Also, he or she will be considered as a habitual traffic offender within a period of 3 years after the DUI conviction.

Fourth offense
In this case, getting a DUI Lawyer San Diego might be ideal since according to the San Diego DUI law and California laws, a fourth offense is already considered a felony. This means that instead of a county prison, the person shall be sent to the state prison and shall stay there within 180 up to 1 year. The fine is $390 dollars up to $1000. Also, under the California State laws, the license and motor privileges of the convicted shall be revoked. Apart from that, the driverís license will be surrendered and upon DUI conviction, he or she shall be considered as a habitual traffic offender.

In a city like San Diego, having to go about your life without a car is a big issue. Thus, you should be careful about your driving habits. A DUI Lawyer San Diego can only do so much especially if you are proven guilty of multiple driving offenses.

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