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The advancement of technology has proved its excellence in various fields. From daily needs to extraordinary luxuries, there is a touch of modern inventions everywhere. However, while stressing on luxury, we forget to control the by-products of those technological inventions. Fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum products, are exploited in such a way that it has created a threat to the whole world. The level of non-renewable resources has gone down tremendously. On the other side the carbon footprint has extended beyond its barriers.
A huge portion of pollution is considered to originate from transportation mediums. If the fuels or energy required in vehicles is sourced from eco-friendly means then we will be able to restrict a huge amount of pollution. Latest research works and technologies have developed some eco-friendly ways to run a vehicle. The implementation of such alternatives has not been completed yet, but hopefully within some years the eco-friendly transportations will be established. Let us look at some of the eco-friendly transportation options:
Hybrid vehicles have earned a position in the automobile market because of their cost effectiveness. Research works are going on to establish such eco-friendly vehicles. Electric vehicles have made a grand comeback after many years. In some countries ‘smart-cars’ have gained the popularity, because of their fuel-efficiency and functionality, on small as well as busy roads. Beside these, CNG or Compressed Natural Gas vehicles, Bio-Gas, Ethanol and Bio-Fuels or Bio-Diesel are taking the advantage of their eco-friendly behavior. These alternative fuels can reduce carbon footprints significantly. Solar energy can also be a wonderful substitute for transportation.
Modifications have also been done in two-wheelers. Instead of petrol, recently developed two-wheelers run on battery. These can be used most significantly inside the city with huge traffic. Once the battery is charged, it can move to a certain distance without any disturbance.
Public Transportation:
Presently, a number of public transports, like buses or vans, use bio-fuels instead of diesel. These bio-fuels contain very less percentage of carbon particles. In some countries, CNG or bio-gas are used as fuel for public transports, to prevent the level of pollution.
Electric or diesel locomotives or trains can also be run with the alternative fuels. Magnetic technology has gained popularity in the latest trains. ‘Green-train’ works on permanent magnet motor technology. It enhances its work efficiency and reduces the cost of transportation. It also minimizes negative impact on environment.
Aero plane:
To reduce the impact of carbon amount, the models of airplanes are changing, not only to defend the excessive cost of fuels, but also devote a certain percentage of awareness towards environment. Recently, an aero plane has been introduced which runs on solar energy. Solar plates are placed around its body, which collect and store the energy to run the machine.
Efforts should be made by each and every individual to control the pollution levels. The above mentioned eco-friendly transportation means might not stop the production of carbon completely, but they can definitely reduce its level significantly. We can also help in minimizing the pollution by using bicycles for covering short distances. Even we can try to visit local markets or shops by walking, instead of using the two-wheeler or car. Let us try to establish a pollution free environment for ourselves and our future generations. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other rubber India companies

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Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other reclaim rubber India companies

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