Eco-friendly shoes – a perfect innovation for your feet

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Latest fashion trends include sophisticated as well as trendy feet outfit. More numbers of goodwill companies are investing in shoes due to the increasing demand for it. It is a basic necessity to cover our feet while walking, running, dancing or during any other movement oriented work. To fulfill the basic necessity, generally materials like leather, rubber or artificial products are chosen for manufacturing shoes. However, it is surprisingly shocking that leather shoes take 45 years, whereas rubber shoes takes almost 80 years to decompose. Even the artificially manufactured sneakers or trendy sports shoes stay unchanged for more than 1000 years, thus causing a permanent scar on Mother Nature. The shoes are somewhat responsible for the degradation of environment.
In such situation, people are raising their voice for the manufacturing of eco-friendly shoes. These green shoes are recyclable and bio-degradable. These shoes come in a wide array of colors and styles.
Eco-friendly materials used for making green shoes
There are plenty of eco-friendly materials which can be used to manufacture green shoes. The soles of the shoes can be made up of sustainable woods, recycled rice husk or bamboos. The shoes can be manufactured from recycled leather, recycled bottles, bamboos, cork, organic cotton, vegetable-dyed leather, recycled foam, recycled car tire, as well as natural rubber. The shoes designed from these materials can meet the desired appearance and color choice.
Impact of artificial or anti-eco friendly shoes on nature
The footwear manufactured from artificial or non-biodegradable materials create a long term impact on nature. The materials, as well as the chemicals, are responsible for water and land pollution. The bleaches or raw materials also excrete toxic materials which are harmful for health. Moreover the disposal of torn shoes or unusable shoes can cause impact on landfills. The eco-friendly shoes are bio-degradable. These decompose easily thus balancing the environment.
Impact on health
The colors and materials used for producing regular shoes can create health hazards, especially for children. The toxic materials like glue used for pasting the shoe parts can be absorbed by our skin. This can lead to massive health disorder. In this case green shoes serve the purpose with almost 0% side effect. As all the materials are produced from natural resources or recycled materials, they can be considered as the best option to go with.
Cost of eco-friendly shoes
The costs of eco-friendly shoes are a bit higher than the regular shoes, as these shoes promise a longer life. As the processes of manufacturing such shoes are time consuming, thus very less number of shoes are produced.
We can take a remarkable step by using eco-friendly shoes and saving the environment. We can even recycle the old shoes, instead of dumping them in the garbage box. Many shoe companies even buy old shoes for recycling and remodeling. Use your shoes, as much as you can. If they are in good condition, then try to donate them to the local shelters. This can help you and your society.
To create awareness and protect the Mother Nature, this can be our first move. Undoubtedly people will take time to grab the innovation, but once it is done a lot of environmental hazards can be prevented. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of recycled rubber manufacturers exceptional than other companies

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Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of recycled rubber manufacturers is exceptional than other companies

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