Eco friendly roofing types

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With increased awareness of saving our world, now more and more people are opting for environment friendly ways in their lifestyle. We can now see Eco friendly things in the houses also, one such thing which is getting a lot of appreciation these days is the Eco friendly ways of roofing the homes. Although these are a bit expensive than the traditional ways, yet they manage to make their mark in the society. The two main types of Eco friendly roofing, which have gained a lot of popularity these days, are the solar roofing and the green roofing.

First is the option of solar roofing, which is generally used by large number of homeowners all over the world. Two different types of solar roofing are popular these days. The first and foremost is where the solar panel itself is the part of the roof of the house. Thus, there are not two different things, as it is one unit only. However, the cost of solar roofing is considered exorbitant by a large number of people. It is so expensive because the whole system itself is quite obscure, and unfortunately, if even a small problem occurs in this system, then the whole system is required to be replaced. This increases the overall cost of this technique, thus it is not really accepted by a large number of people.

Next technique, for which many people are going these days, is about installing the solar panel directly on the roof of your house. This is a less expensive option and thus has gained popularity across the globe. To get this done, you need the service of a solar installation company and a traditional roofing contractor. They can make the right plan for you based on the size, location or current condition of the roof.

Subsequent in the list of Eco friendly roofing is the green roofing. It is the most accepted form of roofing, and it only involves turning your roof into a massive planter by growing plants all over the roof. For this you need to add some membranes to encourage the plant life and to prevent the roof from slipping. These membranes also keep the soil in position, thus allowing plants to grow properly. Moreover, this will amazingly reduce the heavy costs which you have to pay for the heating and cooling units of your home.

These roofs are not only beneficial on personal level, but on the communal level as well. It reduces the effect of heat to a great extent, and more importantly they simply look like natural fields. So the chemical properties of conventional roofs that tend to heat cities and speed up global warming are not present in homes with these green, natural roofs.

All in all, these Eco friendly ways of roofing are going a lot of popularity these days. The popularity of this can be approved by the positive testament from a large number of people who have gone for this, and the number is increasing day by day. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other companies

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