Eco-friendly gift wrapping options

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Gift wrappers can offer a more appealing look to any present at any occasion. A gift wrapper is used to wrap the gift and make it presentable. In order to acquire the adequate shape and design of any gift ribbons, colorful papers, hard bound box, wrapping paper or craft papers are used. It also proves the uniqueness of the gift and creative mindset of the presenter.
In such era where nature is in threat, eco-friendly materials can be used for gift wrapping purpose to restore the balance of the environment, as well as to make the present look interesting. There are a few options of eco-friendly gift wrappers which have the potential to grab the market and appeal the customers. Let us have a glance through those probable options.
• Scrap paper as gift wrapper:
You can easily manage to find plenty of scrap papers in your home or office. Ample old magazines or news papers are always available in the store room. You can creatively use those papers and give a tempting look to the gift. You can glue a colorful ribbon on the top of the present and sprinkle some glitter all around it. Also, you can paste any hand6made paper design or sticker on the top of the gift and color it.
Sometimes you can do it, if you have some old maps or calendar. Spray paint over the cover or dip the cut section of potato or ladies finger in some color and apply. Thumb impression can also give a remarkable texture.
• Use of old gift wrappers:
You can reuse the old wrapping paper you received as the wrapper of your gift. You can carefully unwrap and keep those gift wrappers for future use. Be conscious while opening it, as there should not be any damage. This can save the nature, as well as your money.
• Gift tags:
You can also use recyclable papers or plastics to wrap the gift. These recyclable products are eco-friendly and do not cost too much. You can glue them to business cards together and punch a hole at one extreme end and tie it to the wrapper. Graphics on the tag can convey your message by scripting on it.
• Self designed gift-wrappers:
Here you can get a chance to implement the craft work you learned during your school days. You can use color materials to decorate simple wrapping paper and fashion it astonishingly. You can surely please the person whom you are presenting the gift. You hand work will definitely sizzle his/her heart.
• Eco-friendly gift bags:
You have one more option of using the gift wrapper. Nowadays there is a trend to use handmade crafts, small gift bags or jute-made small gift bags. These tiny sweet looking gift bags are eco-friendly as well as trendy. You can make it more stylish by applying some fabric color or stitching a design on its base.
There are plenty of gift wrapping options available all around you, which are eco-friendly as well as reasonable. You can opt for such above mentioned categories of wrapping options to sustainably decorate your gift. Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other companies

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Swani Rubber Industries manufactures quality reclaim rubber and their quality of reclaimed rubber is exceptional than other companies

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