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By: Vikrant Sharma

I always knew that selling an eBook resale right was the fastest and most recognized way to make money on the internet. It is because of the low overhead and start-up costs associated. I can buy a decent eBook/software for about $6.99 each. I can then repackage it by throwing in my name and contact, maybe even change up the script a little to make the eBook personalized.
For more details go to: www.private-label-contents-riches.com Iíll be able to sell it for $24.99 including the eBook resale right and make a cool $18 per eBook. Not bad, about a 250% profit margin. If I sell 4 books per day, Iíll be making $72/day which is about $504/wk. Thatís pretty good considering itís a 7 day work week and about the same salary or more for many people out there. $24,192 per year from selling 4 eBooks per day at $18 profit is good money on the side, and it really is possible for many to sell more.

The real trick is how you can do this without having to struggle a lot and put forth a ton of effort. If youíre looking to start selling with little money down and no advertising budget, then get ready for a long ride. It varies depending on your situation, but most people will find that that the ďbadĒ part of selling an eBook resale right is that it takes more time and effort than advertised. I always stress this because it is possible to work a day job and sell downloadable eBooks from the internet, but youíll have much less time for yourself. If you donít mind a long start-up period then no problem! But, if you want to start selling now and make money now, the bad part is that you will need to put forth about 2-4 hours per day creating your website (initially) and promoting it (ongoing). Writing articles and joining forums is one of a few methods for free advertising. You want fast advertising so you want to write at least 1-5 articles of 300-500 words per day. Once you reach about 200 articles, youíre doing pretty well. Donít forget to start a blog and post entries almost everyday.

The ugly part is that even after you spend 2-4 hours/day setting up your eBook resale right products webpage and writing articles, there is no guarantee that youíll make a dent in the search engines. The engines, such as Google, pick up keywords in your articles and the more keywords that relate to your website, the better your results will be. Iíve known people to spend 4 hours/day for months trying to sell something, and they generated low traffic and no sales Ė all because of untargeted keywords. As in all businesses, you have to have a marketing plan Ė even if itís made in increments as you progress. Plan on your keywords youíre going to use for your website and define specifics such as how much time you want to allocate to specific activities, how many articles you will write per week, etc. For help visit: www.resale-right-profits.com always has at least a short-term future marketing plan. You like reading? If so, great, but if not, that could get ugly.

In order to sell your products effectively and learn traffic techniques, youíll need to read like a mad dog. Iíve read over 100 articles and helpful eBooks that I purchased (and am currently selling), and Iím still learning! Hours of just reading have been spent, but you need to do this if you donít have a professional sitting beside you.


Selling an eBook resale right is profitable and you can make a living doing so, but just keep in mind that you can waste valuable time and effort if things are donít properly.

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